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American Sex Podcast Fun Factory Darling Devil Giveaway


I’m giving away a brand new Fun Factory Darling Devil silicone vibrator and Hybrid Battery Kit valued at $110 to promote our new podcast, American Sex!

There’s no purchase necessary to enter. All you have to do is subscribe and/or review our new sex podcast on iTunes!

American Sex Podcast Sunny Megatron Ken Melvoin BergHow the giveaway works

You can gain one entry to the giveaway by subscribing to American Sex on iTunes and a get a second entry by giving us a review there. When you write up your review, take a screenshot.  Do the same when you subscribe.  

Send your screenshot proof of iTunes subscription and/or review to [email protected] and you gain one entry to the giveaway for each.  

We’ll enter your name on a spreadsheet and assign each one of your entries a corresponding number. Giveaway entry runs through September 1st-30th. On 10/2/2017 we’ll pick a winner via random computer generated drawing live on social media!

Do I have to leave a good review to qualify?

Nope. We want your honest feedback. If you love the show, great! But if you have a criticism or hate it all together, we want to know that too. Only honest reviews, please!  

Fun Factory GiveawayWhy only iTunes?

Because iTunes reviews are weighted most heavily when podcast ratings are calculated. The purpose behind this giveaway is to help boost American Sex Podcast’s ratings so more people learn about it. The more listeners we have, the more sponsorship opportunities we get. And more sponsorship means we can devote more time to making this podcast the very best it can be for you!   

Your help is also appreciated by simply spreading the word about American Sex. Tell your friends, talk about us on social media (we’re on Facebook and Twitter). If you write on the internet, include us in blog posts and lists like “Sex Podcasts You Should Listen To” so more folks learn we exist.  

Additionally, if you have a podcast yourself perhaps we can cross promote. Download my pre-recorded American Sex Podcast promo spot from SoundCloud (below) or email me so we can explore cross promotional possibilities.  

What if I don’t use iTunes or have an Android?

That’s fine. Even downloading iTunes for a day, leaving a review and subscribing, then never opening iTunes again helps. If you have an android phone you can download iTunes on a windows based PC/laptop to access it that way.  

Who is eligible to win?

Only those that are 18+ and have a shipping address in the 48 contiguous states are eligible to win.  

Will you reuse my email address?  

If you win we will email the address you submitted with to notify you. You’ll also get an email reply back from us when you submit just to confirm we received your entry and that your name has been put in the hat. That’s it though. I won’t otherwise use, sell, give away, etc. your e-mail address. If you would like to be on the Sunny Megatron email list, you’ll have to sign up manually by visiting my email signup page or testing the word MEGATRON to 444999.

Thanks, friends!

Good luck!


p.s. Thanks again to Fun Factory for providing these products for the giveaway! They are not only a great company that makes kick-ass sex toys, they are always so good to me too! XO! 

p.s.s. if you’d like to subscribe to American sex on another podcatcher, we’re almost everywhere (the exceptions being Audible, Spotify, and iHeartRadio– although that could change in the future).  If you don’t see us on your favorite podcatcher, shoot us an email to let us know. Below are links to American Sex on some of the most popular players:

American Sex Podcast on iTunes 

American Sex Podcast on Stitcher 

American Sex Podcast on Google Play

American Sex Podcast on Libsyn 

American Sex Podcast on Anchor 

American Sex Podcast on Pocketcasts 

American Sex Podcast on Otto Radio 

American Sex Podcast on Poddirectory

American Sex Podcast on Tunein 

American Sex Podcast on Overcast 

American Sex Podcast on Podknife 

American Sex Podcast on Podbean

American Sex Podcast on Anchor (limited episodes)

American Sex Podcast on SoundCloud (limited episodes)

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  1. Dana Katherine Martin
    Dana Katherine Martin says:

    i would love to enter this contest because I would love to listen to your podcast, and also I would love a devil vibe! But my podcast station is stitcher, can i still review it after listening to it on stitcher?

    • Sunny Megatron
      Sunny Megatron says:

      Unfortunately, this giveaway is only for iTunes subscribes and reviews (but the podcast is available on stitcher). If you can access it through a PC you can leave a review there that way.

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