Mutual Masturbation May - with jessica drake - American Sex Ep 206 episode cover art. Pictured on black background sex educator and adult performer Jessica Drake smiling with mid-length blonde hair, a hand on her shoulder, wearing a black sweater facing forward from the waist up. Also pictured, text of the episode title, number, jessica drake's name, American sex podcast logo.

Mutual Masturbation May with jessica drake – American Sex Podcast Ep 206

jessica drake joins us for an International Masturbation Month chat about mutual self-pleasure. In this conversation, jessica unpacks the shame, obstacles, and joy associated with solo and mutual masturbation. Plus, jessica gives tips for: …
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Learning My Own Sex Tips

I love reading sex tips. There seems to be a chapter dedicated to great sex in every newsstand woman’s magazine. Sometimes however, I wonder if the authors have tried the suggestions they’ve written as most tend to lack originality and inspiration.