Midori Global BDSM Ep 198 American Sex Podcast

Global BDSM with Midori - Ep 198 American Sex

Midori joins us to discuss Japanese BDSM & why recognizing fundamental differences in various cultures around the world is the key to understanding the how & why behind kink. We talk about differences in consent & safety, how…
American Sex Podcast ep 192 episode art: The BDSM Test with Midori & Joe Zarate Sanderlin released 6.27.22

The BDSM Test w/ Midori & Joe Zarate-Sanderlin - Ep 192 American Sex Podcast

The BDSM Test is infamous. We post results on FetLife & use it as a roadmap, educational tool + kink negotiation starter. It’s even gone vanilla as the focus of social media challenges & pop magazine writeups. But is it all its cracked up to be? Many say it’s othering, stigmatizing & normalizes red-flags. Midori & therapist Joe Zarate-Sanderlin deconstruct this test question by question + explore its wider impact. Why don't we scrutinize it the same way vet other educational sources? Who wrote it, why, and what are they using the data they’re collecting about our kink for? Turns out, it’s a bit of a mystery…

Kink Informed Therapists & Care Professionals w/ Midori - Ep 165

Kink trailblazer Midori joins us for episode 165. Now at the helm of the first Kink Informed Professionals Certification of its kind, Midori recently partnered with the Sexual Health Alliance to bridge the gap between BDSM and mental health/care professions. Once pathologized, kink has recently become a serious area of professional interest and study. In this conversation, Midori tells us how myths from popular culture and those perpetrated by the BDSM community itself have contributed to bias in care professions. We pinpoint why the mental health field is beginning to see BDSM as a healthy outlet for creativity, resilience, and valid erotic expression. We also touch on the ways abuse hides within kink and how stigma around that affects our relationships with therapists, doctors, social workers, attorneys, and other care professionals we come into contact with.
Midori Rope Bondage

Rope Bondage with Midori - Ep 150 American Sex Podcast

Rope bondage can be visually stunning. But many of us leave erotic human macrame to the experts because the prospect of doing it ourselves is so intimidating. Do we need specialty rope, impeccable technique, and the confidence to go with it all? No according to Midori! On Ep 150 of American Sex Podcast Midori guides us through rope bondage for beginners with items we all have at home. Learn about safety, get inspiration for scene ideas, and how to have fun with long-distance bondage play. Midori also discusses the cultural origins of Shibari. Is it an honorable ancient Japanese practice like many of the rope enthusiasts claim? Or is there some cultural misappropriation at play? The answer may surprise you. 
Midori Dominance Role Play American Sex Podcast