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Only 1 day until the Explore More Summit begins on 3/8/2017! There’s still time to sign up FOR FREE!

The Explore More Summit, created by Dawn Serra, is a 10-day free online summit featuring 30 of the biggest names in sexuality, kink, body confidence, gender identity & more. You’ll get 30 one hour video interviews over a 10 day period absolutely free. You’re also invited to the Explore More online Facebook private group. Check out the schedule and video trailer for all the talks here: http://www.exploremoresummit.com/summit-schedule/

The talk Ken & I gave on humor in sex and BDSM is on day 5 of the summit– March 12th, 2017. A few of the things we touch on include:

  • Humor, sex, and kink, and why we need to stop clinging to these super serious, super ego-based ideas about sex and BDSM.
  • How Sunny and Ken maintain their love, keep their marriage strong, and what their rituals of connection look like.
  • Mistakes beginners to BDSM make and what some better alternatives are to enjoying this new playground.
  • Clown sex – what is it and why it’s so freeing for them.
  • Being missionaries of fuck and helping people find their pleasure.

Watch our trailer!


Although you can sign up at any time you’ll get the most out of the summit if you sign up by tomorrow morning.  That way you won’t miss any of the talks or the freebies!


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