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Everything you Need to Know About Butt Plugs

How to use a butt plugThis three part video series is a quick and thorough butt plug primer. In it I cover:

  • What is a butt plug
  • Types of butt plugs
  • How to select the right butt plug for you
  • Why do butt plugs feel good?
  • How are butt plugs be used for anal training?
  • How using butt plugs can increase occurrence of orgasm
  • How butt plugs can be used in BDSM
  • How to engage in anal play safely
  • Long term butt plug use
  • The poop factor
  • The pain factor, and more!








If you’re ready to experiment with butt plugs 2 awesome starter kits are the Booty Call Vibro Kit and The Perfect Plug Kit.



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  1. Slink
    Slink says:

    Years ago, these were the first videos of Sunny’s I’ve ever seen and I still refer to it for myself and others ALL. THE. TIME. Thank you Sunny!!


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