Dr Chauntelle podcast sociology of sexDr. Chauntelle studies the sociology of sexuality and sex work. This fascinating conversation integrates the economics, ethics, psychology, politics, and marketing of sex–all critical components of sexual freedom we’re not accustomed to thinking about. We discuss: Why researchers shy away from studying sexuality, how our social & cultural discomforts with sex permeate everything, Stormy Daniels & how she’s single-handedly extinguishing puritanical biases about sex work, the impact of technology on sex, why Visa & Mastercard are at the helm of shaping your sexual preferences and regulating your access to porn, the realities of robot sex & more! Ken & Sunny are shocked by the latest hit to the ASR community plus Ken reveals the special gift he picked up for Sunny in Los Angeles.

Guest Bio

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals is a sociologist specializing in gender, sexualities, work and organizations, media and technology, and popular culture. Dr. Chauntelle’s research has been published in numerous scholarly journals, and she has been quoted and cited extensively by cultural and news media outlets. She is currently the sex and social behavior expert for Motorbunny. Find her on Twitter at @drchauntelle.

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