Dixie De La Tour Building Community with StorytellingHumans crave belonging, it’s even smack dab in the middle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This week, Dixie De La Tour of Bawdy Storytelling tells us about her years of building community. We learn how acknowledging your authentic self through community changes your self-perception; self-talk transforms from “it was all my fault, I’m a horrible person” to “I’m ok, I did the best I could, I’m not alone.” We touch on the power of vulnerability, cultivating empathy, and finding the courage to tell the stories people really want and need to hear. You’ll learn how to find community in unlikely places no matter where or how you live and why connecting with others in a non-sexual way is essential in sexual subcommunities. A supportive community is not only life-changing, it can also be lifesaving. Dixie also shares a powerful story about how the community she built and her use of the word “vagina” in that community not only healed trauma for an entire family but stopped a habitual abuser from continuing to commit unthinkable crimes. 

Dixie De La Tour Bio

Dixie De La Tour is a sexual folklorist, storyteller, entrepreneur, podcaster, teacher, catalyst, coach, community builder, facilitator, & instigator (& that’s just for starters). She is also the founder, curator & host of the award-winning sex and storytelling show, Bawdy Storytelling.

Dixie is passionate about the art of storytelling: its ability to reduce shame, stigma and loneliness, and its power to connect strangers. A former sex party producer & dating site community manager, she founded Bawdy Storytelling – the live stage series – almost 13 years ago, and starting the Bawdy Storytelling podcasting in 2016. The Bawdy Storytelling podcast has won multiple Best Of Awards: from Forbes, GQ, Marie Claire, Uproxx and Esquire Magazine (twice!)

Dixie has been Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (“Saint Kiss & Make You Tell”), is hailed as the founder of “The original sex and storytelling series” (Playgirl) and “The Moth for Pervs” (LA Weekly), her stories are fan favorites on the Risk! Storytelling podcast, and she recently became a Muppet.

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