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Why You Should Invest in Luxury Sex Toys

Luxury vs cheap sex toys

When I first started buying sex toys, I would usually go the cheap route and get whatever looked the most tempting for under $30. I was in college, so you couldn’t blame me, but of course, these toys didn’t last long. They’d break in half mid-session or mysteriously die without any explanation. I’ve since learned the err of my ways, but a lot people continue to fall for the cheap dongs on the clearance rack. I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in luxury sex toys, just in case you’re like me and have fallen victim to the shiny, inexpensive lure.

1. Luxury sex toys are made with body safe materials

Cheap toys tend to be made with materials that are actually very unsafe for your body. There is very little governmental regulation on sex toy development, so if you’re not careful you could end up with a toy that could cause infections, irritation or rashes. When looking for a new toy make sure it lists that it’s “phthalate-free,” this is a chemical that is used to soften plastic in cheap toys. However, over time the chemical will leak out in a process called “out gassing.” Luxury vibes are always phthalate-free and will note if they are made of medical grade material like silicone, stainless steel or glass. These materials are safe because they are non-porous and do not break down over time.

2.  Luxury sex toys are typically rechargeable

Toys worth investing in are the ones that are rechargeable. This allows your toy to maintain maximum power without the constant changing of batteries and it allows you to be eco-friendly. Toys run through batteries quickly, so you’ll end up spending more on batteries than you did on the toy.

3.  Luxury sex toys are made with your body in mind

When it comes to pleasure, ergonomics are everything. Cheap sex toys are typically very generically shaped and while they may fit inside, they aren’t exactly going to hit all your key spots. Luxury toys are designed with extensive scientific research. This, in turn, allows them to hug every inch of you or pinpoint a very specific spot. Also, cheap sex toys usually come with sharp seams, which can tear soft tissues in the vagina or anus. The ergonomic design ensures that there are no seams on your toy.

4.  Luxury sex toys are designed to last

As I said before, my cheap sex toys never lasted past a few sessions with them. They died because of their cheap design and material, whereas luxury sex toys are designed to power through the years and even the most intense use. You end up saving money when you buy luxury sex toys because you only have to purchase it once.

5. And finally, luxury sex toys come with options

Cheap sex toys usually have an on and off button and if you’re lucky, they come with two or three speeds. Luxury toys come with multitude of functions, keeping them fun and different every time.

When it comes to sex toys, you’re smart to invest in quality toys because it ensures your safety, your pleasure and their durability. If it’s time to replace your cheap plastic duds, head over to Adameve.com, an on-line store that hosts lots of luxury sex toy options.


This is a guest post from our friends at Adam and Eve.

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