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Sunny & Ken Featured in Jezebel & Crowned “BDSMs Friendliest Couple”

Jezebel Interview Sunny KenIn case you missed it, Ken & I were interviewed in Jezebel earlier this month. Jezebel reporter, Mark Shrayber, says we’re “BDSMs Friendliest Couple.” Yes, we may beat the crap out of you but we’ll give you a cupcake afterward ;)

It’s a pretty indepth interview and we get into a lot. There’s even more about things like how to negotiate edge play and the goods-and-bads of 50 Shades of Grey in the comments section. There were actually quite a few excellent (and civil!) discussions in the comments so be sure to read those too. Oh, and of course, there are unicorn masks!

Enjoy the interview! Get Spanked in a Unicorn Mask: A Chat With BDSM’s Friendliest Couple

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