Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast American Sex InterviewStatistically speaking you’re probably a Sex Nerd Sandra fan. Her wildly popular sex podcast has over 15 million downloads! You also may have noticed she vanished during the last couple of years. Ken & Sunny catch up with Sandra and get all the details about her upcoming Sex Nerd Sandra podcast reboot. Sandra also shares what prompted her hiatus and the important things she learned about herself while she was away. The trio also talk about healing hurt, the skills needed for healthy relationships, rebranding comprehensive sex ed as comprehensive emotional ed, and the real reason so many Americans refute science. Sandra also dives into her personal experiences with HIV and the surprising facts the public doesn’t know about the virus. This episode is jam-packed with so much juicy goodness and we’re honored Sandra chose to hop back on the mic with us! Sandra also tells an amazing story about the time she made sweet, sweet love to an ironing board (yes, you read that right!) over at

Guest Bio  

Sex Nerd Sandra is both a human and a podcast. For almost ten years, Sandra Daugherty has been known as a professional sex nerd, teaching workshops, speaking at universities and hosting a show that skips across the landscape of both sex and relationships.

Endlessly curious and always sex-positive, her deepest love is interviewing people who know more than she does.

Her podcast, Sex Nerd Sandra, began with Nerdist Industries in 2011 and is now re-launching independently. She can brag it’s been downloaded over 15 million times… but really that terrifies her.

These days Sandra is studying all the sciences. In 5 years or so you might be calling her doctor.

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