Pubic Hair Grooming Lyndsey CraigEpisode 96 of American Sex podcast is all about pubic hair. The societal messages we receive about our genital hair cause us a great deal of turmoil. Should we trim? Shave completely? Or let it grow free? What do our grooming preferences say about us and how do the people we’re intimate with feel about that? On this episode, we examine your personal stories, difficulties, and strategies for caring for your garden down below. We also speak with Lyndsey Craig, an anthropology doctoral candidate studying cross-cultural pubic hair grooming practices. They say that our modern preference for genital baldness is primarily influenced by pornography & the media. Will Lyndsey’s pubic detective work throughout history tell us otherwise? You may be surprised at what you learn!  

Lyndsey Craig Bio

Lyndsey Craig is a doctoral candidate in the Anthropology department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is most interested in human mating strategies and romantic relationships from a biocultural perspective. Lyndsey has recently published a paper on pubic hair removal practices in the journal Cross-Cultural Research and is now working on collecting data for her Master’s work on women’s use of intimate apparel and pubic hair removal practices in long-term relationships. She is also mentoring two undergraduate students from UNLV on their research into the perceptions of facial hair in the workplace and what cars say about their drivers. On her off-time, Lyndsey likes to read and play games with her loving partner and two rambunctious ferrets.

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