5 Myths About Erotic Humiliation & Degradation Kink

As a Clinical Sexologist & BDSM Educator, I hear LOTS of misconceptions about consensual humiliation. Some of the most common: ❌ Humiliation Myth 1: Sexual humiliation must always be extreme & cruel because the goal is to make the…
Humilaiation & Psychological Edge Play Podcast Pup Amp Sunny Megatron American Sex Podcast ep 174 episode cover art

Humiliation & Psychological Edge Play w/Amp Somers – ep 174 American Sex Podcast

On episode 174 of American Sex Podcast Sunny has a conversation with Amp Somers from the Watts Your Safeword Podcast about erotic humiliation and psychological edge play. Some of what we cover: Neurodivergence & psychological kink …