Amberly Rothfield Findom SecretsAmberly Rothfield, the go-to resource on the business of phone sex, is back! She gives us the do’s and don’ts of online financial domination– what to do when fantasy meshes with reality, when to walk away from a client, how to assert your boundaries as a provider, talking dirty & mastering sexual improv, what mistakes she’s made in her 13 years as a PSO & how to avoid them, plus more goodies from her new book “Financial Domination: Tales from an Online Mistress”. We talk about the increasing demand of erotic audio, where to sell it, and how to market it. Amberly covers the ethics of online findom including how to find financial doms that won’t take non-consensual advantage. She also shares some of the incredible success stories from women that followed her business advice in her first book, “How I Made $10,000 A Month As A Phone Sex Operator”– an emotional part of the conversation that illuminates why sex work can be so liberating and empowering for marginalized people

Guest Bio

Amberly Rothfield is the marketing educator for the adult industry. Having spent 13 years as a phone sex operator, erotic audio creator, webcam model and clip content artist; Rothfield now teaches how to properly capitalize your ass-sets. Author of Financial Domination: Tales of an Online Mistress and How I Made 10k A Month as a Phone Sex Operator, Rothfield has made it her mission to give continued advice for realistic paths to financial stability in the online porn industry. XBIZ ’19  Community Figure Nominated and BBW Award Show Best Phone Provider Winner ‘18

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