Financial Domination Techdomme Mistress Harley PodcastA findom is a dominatrix that hits you where it hurts most– your bank account. If this sounds like a made up fetish or something highly unethical, it’s actually neither. Mistress Harley, otherwise known as the Techdomme, is a high-profile findom. She’s appeared on The Doctors and profiled in The Washington Post, Engadget, and more. During this fascinating conversation Mistress Harley demystifies financial domination. We talk about how she obtains consent, why her services are similar to a personal trainer, how she uses technology to take control of devices and accounts, and why this is a legitimate fetish like any other form of extreme psychological edge play. She also walks us through the ethics of some of her more controversial scenes like homewrecking and medical castration. We even explore the psychology behind findom– why people eroticize money, how playing out this fetish helps people work through the negative effects of patriarchy (regardless of their gender), and more.

Guest Bio 

Mistress Harley is a world-famous financial dominatrix and is known as the Techdomme, the creator of High Tech Domination. She has written over 20 books available on Amazon, has a new hip-hop album out, and is taking the world by storm as a BDSM educator and kinky professional.

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