Jimanekia Eborn Podcast Bonus American Sex Shoot the Shit PatreonI recently grabbed a cuppa coffee and shot the shit with Jimanekia Eborn. She’s a sexuality educator, trauma specialist, former American Sex Podcast guest, and host of the Trauma Queen podcast. We started out with a mundane chat about the weather– but isn’t that often just a segue into some deep-ass shit? This conversation will not disappoint! Some of what we talked about:
  • We start off talking about the weather and then fall off a cliff into deeeeeep waters
  • My major problem with the phrase “there’s no such thing as too much lube”
  • Tucker Max & the fictional anal sex mishap
  • Lube Rules
  • Losing perspective of common sexual issues because we’re sex educators
  • Poly relationship advice — what to do when things get serious (or when you *want* things to get serious)
  • Sunny & Ken’s unique poly dynamic
  • The dangers of manipulators using the label “poly” and “Dominant” (mainly cishet men)
  • Being tired as women (and even more so as women of color) of putting up with people’s bullshit & caretaking others feelings.
  • The emotional stages of life & how perspective changes through the decades
  • Aging & body image
  • The ethics of & motivations for plastic surgery
  • The largest things we can hide under our boobs
  • The dangers of doing handstands braless
  • Trauma we’ve accumulated by our bodies betraying us
  • How we carry childhood comments from family with us throughout our lifetime
  • Differentiating the trash people from the diamonds in the rough
  • Emotional vampires
  • Financial abuse
  • Do our traumas make us stronger? Or is that a bunch of bullshit?
  • Does knowledge only come with age/experience?
  • Learning to understand that things get better
  • Battling alcoholism
  • Making mistakes in college/early adulthood choices
  • Secrets about season 2 of Jimanekia’s podcast, Trauma Queen (she tells us the theme of this coming season– this is the first time they’ve mentioned it publicly!)
  • Learning to let go
  • Overcoming impossibly high standards
  • Creating with intention & overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Being gaslit by abusive partners with the purpose of keeping you from breaking up with them


For those of you unfamiliar with American Sex Podcast’s “Shoot the Shit” bonus episodes, they are conversations between me and/or Ken and a guest. There is no agenda, no planned topics to be discussed– we simply turn on the recorder and see where our conversation takes us. It’s often to some pretty interesting places! These episodes are only available to our $10 and up patrons (and also sometimes on the paid platform of the guest choosing).


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This is our third installment of “Shoot the Shit.” Let me know if you like this format, who you’d like to hear us shoot the shit with, the off-topic things you’d us to dish about, etc. Your feedback helps and is very much appreciated!


Listen to Shoot the Shit 3: Jimanekia Eborn HERE.


For those of you unfamiliar with Jimanekia, check out these links:


Sunny, XO