Global Female Condom DaySeptember 12th, 2012 is Global Female Condom Day.  I am so thankful I discovered the many joys of female condoms so, of course, I’m here to spread the word! Contrary to popular belief, female condoms can be used by people of any gender in man/woman, woman/woman or man/man sexual encounters.

To learn more, watch my Youtube video below to find out how to use a female condom. Next, read my top 5 reasons why female condoms are the bomb. Ready? Go!

1.  Feeling: Female condoms feel AMAZING! As someone with a vagina I can personally say using female condoms feels a bit more like sex without a condom. The male lovers I have used them with say they feel especially out of this world to a penis.  Many men say it’s close to the sensation of bare-backing.  Female condoms feel so natural because they warm up to the temperature of the wearers body.  As an added bonus, when used for man/woman sex, the clitoris can be stimulated by the condoms outer ring and the tip of the penis stimulated by the inner ring.

I hate that in this day and age there are still people out there that refuse to use male condoms. They say condoms are too restrictive, they hurt, condoms kill all sensation, etc. etc. Cough *bullshit* cough. My answer to that would be “Too bad. If you want to fuck me you HAVE TO wear a condom. Period.” I also know, however, my reality isn’t everyone else’s.

If your lover has a problem with male condoms, female condoms might be the perfect solution. Remember, your sexual safety should never be compromised. People worth sleeping with are the ones who respect your wishes and your body.

2. Latex allergy: It is estimated nearly 10% of the population has some sort of sensitivity to latex. In some individuals the reaction is so severe it can be life threatening. Female condoms are a perfect alternative to latex condoms because they are made from nitrile.  If you routinely suffer from genital irritation or discomfort after sex due to latex sensitivity, try using a female condom instead.

how to use a female condom3.  Anal Sex/Oil based lube use: Although it hasn’t yet been endorsed by the CDC, many state health agencies and sex ed groups are advocating the use of female condoms for anal sex. The name “female condom” can be deceiving because they can be used by receivers of any gender vaginally or anally (or as Megan Andelloux calls them: “engulfers.” That’s so much more active and empowering than “receivers”— love her!) . Female condoms aren’t just for women.

Why would someone want to use a female condom in their ass? For the same reasons I have listed for vaginal use— they are great for latex sensitive individuals, wonderful for those who don’t like male condoms, they cover more surface area and they give the receiver more control over STI and pregnancy prevention.

There is one more great reason to use female condoms for anal sex– they are safe to use with oil based lubes. Many people who engage in anal play use lubricants specially made for this purpose. A large number of the “butter” style anal lubes are oil based which is a big no-no with latex. Oil based lubricants break down latex and decrease their effectiveness. If you are using an oil based lube always use non-latex gloves, condoms and dental dams.

To insert a female condom for anal sex, remove the smaller inside ring from the condom and discard it. Proceed to push it in from the inside of the condom like you would vaginally.

4.  Safety: When used properly female condoms have a similar effectiveness rate as their male counterparts.

Male condoms do not cover the entire genital area. The outside of the vulva, outside of the anus and lower portion of the penis and testicles remain exposed during vaginal and/or anal intercourse. STI’s can be transmitted when these areas come into contact. Because female condoms cover the outer portion of the receiver’s genitals, they minimize skin to skin contact.

Female condoms also stay in place after a man loses his erection. This is great if your lover has erectile dysfunction issues or if you just want to curl up and cuddle afterward.

5.  Female Condoms put the control back in your hands: Female condoms are the only receiver initiated method available that provides both pregnancy and STI prevention. That is huge!

Not only do female condoms allow women and/or receivers complete control over their own reproductive and sexual health choices, they can be worn up to 8 hours before intercourse.

It is unfortunate so many of us don’t have access to or proper knowledge of this revolutionary safer sex tool. Now that you know a bit more, do your part to spread the word. Tell your friends, ask your local sex shops to carry female condoms and visit The National Female Condom Coalition Website for other ways  you can inform and educate others. Also, share this blog post and my female condom video below on social media sites and by reposting on your own blog.

September 12th, 2012 is Global Female Condom Day. Let’s start a revolution!



p.s. You may have heard female condoms crinkle like a plastic bag during sex.  Not true!  The first generation female condom, the FC1, was made from polyurethane and did make a dreadful crinkling noise.  Female condoms available today, however, are different.  FC2 condoms were approved by the FDA in 2009.  These second generation female condoms are made from nitrile and don’t make noises during intercourse.  They are also much more comfortable.  If it’s been a few years since you’ve tried a female condom– try them again! You’ll find they are much improved over what they used to be.


 If you’d like to try Female Condoms to see if they are right for you, here is a list of all the places in Chicago you can get them for FREE.  Yes, free! :) 

Free Female Condoms in Chicago:

Info on Female Condoms in other major US cities:

10 replies
  1. Destin Gerek
    Destin Gerek says:

    All great reasons, I’d like to add one more…
    Male condoms seem to be made to. Have sex like so:
    Man gets erect, puts on condom, penetrates orifice, fucks til he cums, pull out, take off condom, done,

    Female condoms allow for more flexibility. Say you want to make out, kiss, lick and suck the whole body, oral sex, penetrate, more oral sex, more penetration, more full body massage, more penetration, more oral, more kiss and holding, more fucking, rolling around on top of each other, more oral, back to fucking, etc etc. much easier w female condoms than male.

    Also for FFM threesomes, if both females are wearing condoms, the male can penetrate both without spreading their fluids between them.

    Thanks for the great article…

  2. Bo Blaze
    Bo Blaze says:

    Great post Sunny

    Unfortunately for some, the act of putting on a Condom makes it impossible to have intercourse. Diabetics, people on anti-depressant’s, those with various anxieties, etc often require a tremendous amount of stimulation to keep themselves erect and between the time it takes to get the condom on and the loss of sensation, often the penis stops cooperating

    Sadly, this causes some people to just not have sex or worse, to make excuses and refuse to wear condoms rather than be embarrassed.

    Take heart folks, some of my clients and I myself have some of the issues above and have found that using the female condom often relieves this situation completely! If you have experienced this problem PLEASE do yourself a favor and try the female condom. They feel completely different and in a very good way!

    Good luck and good sex!

    Bo Blaze

  3. RMB
    RMB says:

    wouldn’t have thought it was possible to use these for anal but I suppose it definitely makes sense! And for anyone who is ultra paranoid about getting any trace of poo on their penetrative partner’s cock, I would imagine it would eliminate (no pun intended) the worry of that happening since there is no direct skin to anal cavity contact.

    I believe I already know the answer to this question and I realize that this wouldn’t be the most ideal or “safest” sex scenario (it would be very R.A.C.K), in gang bang type scenarios where there is several males on one female and there is a lot of switching up and cocks going from one orifice to another randomly, as long as there is no ejaculate inside one of the condoms that anyone would have contact with, couldn’t theoretically several men penetrate the same person (and even go from anal to vag and back again) taking turns without changing out the condom in between each new person that goes in to take a turn relatively safely? Of course, “relatively” meaning there is risk but not as much. There is still pre-cum and microscopic skin cells, etc that may be left in there that someone else would have contact with, but like I said, this is a very risk aware consensual kink type scenario; its not the ideal by the book “safer sex” situation.

    Also I would add that in terms of the FMF threesomes, either anally or vaginally (or combination of both), very helpful in situations where the male person is fluid bonded with one of the females (and for the purposes of the threesome, still wishes to do bareback with her), but has to use condoms with the other female but doesn’t want to keep removing a condom if he wants to go back to his fluid bonded partner and then putting another condom on to go back to the other. He can just go right from one to the next and back again.

    Thanks for the insight on the female condom! Now I’m mad that I didn’t pick up more free ones at IML!

    • Sunny Megatron
      Sunny Megatron says:

      I wouldn’t do the gang-bang scenario unless the men were fluid bound to each other but not to the woman. Risk is still risk.

      Also this would come in handy with someone you are fluid bound with and want to switch back from anal to vaginal. Have an FC2 in one orifice but not the other and you minimize the spread of bacteria from anus to vagina.

      I have a small stockpile of FC2’s– remind me next time we are going to be in the same place to bring some for you :)

      Bo and Destin– great additions to the conversation– thanks! I love that FC2’s can allow us to take our time with lovemaking– a little dip in, then stopping for more foreplay, rinse & repeat, etc. With male condoms once you have them on you are pretty much committed to finishing the act right then and there. FC2’s allow us to be more playful.

  4. Lux
    Lux says:

    It was such a relief when they eliminated the crinkle!

    These have been such a great addition to my sex life. The only drawbacks I’ve encountered to the internal condoms is that the “female condom” name has stuck and is dysphoria-inducing for some people, and that I’ve not yet found a dignified way of inserting them. It’s either stop, stand and get a leg up on something, or roll over and fumble with your nethers to get them up in there – does wonders for my sex appeal, I’m sure!

    And so much love to the places distributing them for free!

  5. Shimmer
    Shimmer says:

    It was such a relief when they eliminated the crinkle!

    These have been such a great addition to my sex life. The only drawbacks I’ve encountered to the internal condoms is that the “female condom” name has stuck and is dysphoria-inducing for some people, and that I’ve not yet found a dignified way of inserting them. It’s either stop, stand and get a leg up on something, or roll over and fumble with your nethers to get them up in there – does wonders for my sex appeal, I’m sure!

    And so much love to the places distributing them for free!


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