Zoe Ligon Podcast Emotional HealingOn episode 78 we speak with Zoe Ligon of the SuperDeluxe web series, Sex Stuff, and owner of Spectrum Boutique. She tells us about the larger forces in her life that affect her relationships, identity, and sexuality–namely, healing from childhood trauma after the death of her father. Some of what we touch on: emotional incest, covert sexual assault, PTSD, loving someone that hurts you, identifying and recovering from subtle recurring abuse, rehabilitating vs. excommunicating abusers, shedding the performative parts of ourselves, consent & abuse, reconciling feminism and BDSM, therapeutic kink + more. Zoe also tells us a hilarious bonus story over on Patreon about an awkward discovery in an unexpected place that can’t be blamed on the cat! 😹

Guest Bio

Zoë Ligon is a Detroit-based sex educator, journalist and artist who is also the proprietor of progressive online sex toy emporium, Spectrum Boutique, where she has made it her life’s work to blast away the stigmas and misinformation that prevent us from having the amazing sex we all deserve. Zoë has a background in social psychology, harm reduction, and inclusive pleasure-focused sex education.

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