Urethral Sounding & Silicone Lube Condom CompatibilityThis week we revisit an enlightening conversation with John C. Luna about urethral sounding. Get ready to have all your questions answered– What exactly is urethral sounding? Why do people do it? How do people do it? Is it safe? Does it hurt? Why does it scare the bejeezus out of me? Why does it also sound hot AF? And what exactly do urethras even sound like anyway? We also discuss advanced play with tuning forks and electricity, what to do if you’re scarred from kidney stones, plus John shares a few cringey urethral sounding mishap stories and tells us about some of the most unbelievable, extreme urethral play he’s seen. Sunny also clears up some pervasive misinformation about silicone lube and lube/condom compatibility.

John C Luna Bio

In his original career, John was an entrepreneur, author, professional educator and software developer. After 12+ years in the swinger, fetish and BDSM lifestyles, he has started a new chapter of his life educating others on alternative relationships and human sexuality. He lectures on non-monogamy, bisexuality, safe sexual practices, BDSM and other kink related topics. He is a tantra & Tai Chi practitioner, a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality and offers Tantra healing services. He coaches those seeking to become more comfortable and confident in their sexual identity, sexual attraction and/or alternative lifestyle. Along with his wife, Angelique Luna, he hosts the podcast, Living a Sex Positive Life to be an advocate for sexual freedom and encourage others to be their authentic selves.

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