Support a Sexual Health Charity & Save Money? Meet Desire and Pleasure!

FPA CharitySexual health charity?  That’s right!  The UK has been lucky enough to have the FPA (Family Planning Association) since 1930.

FPA’s mission is to help create a society that has accurate, non-judgmental, and positive views about sex.  Their work includes confidential help-lines, classes, and large public awareness campaigns. Forty years ago they successfully lobbied to have the NHS provide free birth control and abortion services. FPA is one of 150 member associations of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). While similar to Planned Parenthood in the USA, the Family Planning Association no longer manages clinics.  They do, however, advocate for patients seeking contraceptives or other family planning services.  The FPA is a pro-choice organization.

The FPA is also a pro-orgasm organization!  (Say that 3 times fast.)  They don’t just talk the talk, they also buzz the buzz.  FPA has linked their page to Desire and Pleasure where you can buy a large variety of sex toys.  Desire and Pleasure offers clothes, condoms, games, and even a 24c gold butt plug.

Keeping their imagery free from violence and pornographic advertising, Desire and Pleasure is a sex positive pleasure resource that is welcoming and comfortable to everyone. They specialize in products geared towards under-served markets such as the elderly and provide an advice hotline for any and all questions about the products.  The best part is all of the profits generated from Desire and Pleasure go back to FPA.

By purchasing from Desire and Pleasure, you are helping the FPA continue to educate the public as well as successfully lobby for women’s reproductive rights, gay advocacy rights, and so much more.

For all of you looking to get some charity work in while you get off please consider shopping with Desire and Pleasure.  You can get an additional 15% off in December by using the code BLOG013 during checkout.  FPA has worked hard for the last 82 years fighting for the rights of women and advocating for fulfilling sex for all.  If you’d like to join the cause while you treat your groin to something special, I highly recommend taking a peek at Desire and Pleasure.  It’s the best way to get on the naughty AND nice list this year!

To visit Desire and Pleasure, simply click on the graphic below and don’t forget to use use the code BLOG013 at checkout for 15% off Products during December!

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