American Sex Podcast Smashing Dishes & Unusual Fetishes

Fetish art by Big Rubber Dragon

Would you like be a fly on a wall peeking in on what seemingly average people do behind closed doors? This week you get to do just that! Our guest, Big Rubber Dragon, reveals his very unusual fetishes: smashing plates, dressing in a rubber maid’s uniform, and walking on leather sofas in pointy high heels. We learn how he indulges in these fantasies, the childhood experiences they originated from, how he overcame shame, and how his fetishes inspire his art. Listening to Big Rubber Dragon might just give you insight into the unusual things you find arousing (because most of us have at least one fantasy we think is “odd”). You also may discover unusual turn-ons really aren’t that weird at all. Sunny and Ken also talk about incels and unusual fetish acronyms– plus they kick off the first May giveaway and announce the gift (provided by!) May Patreon members will receive in the mail.

Guest Bio

Big Rubber Dragon is a 43-year-old fetish artist from the Chicagoland area. He has a very unique fetish that involves taking pleasure from smashing plates or watching other people smash plates. Even simply the sound of them clattering gets him sexually aroused. This fetish originated from events in his childhood. While playing out his fantasies, he prefers to dress up as a rubber maid and throw plates like frisbees while standing on a leather sofa wearing high heels. He goes by the name Big Rubber Dragon in the fetish arts community and on Fetlife. One of Big Rubber Dragon’s art pieces depicting his fetish fantasy trifecta is used in the cover art for American Sex Podcast episode 39.



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