Cam & KarenLee Poter are the dynamic mother/son duo from the hit Sex Talk With My Mom podcast. Esquire named it the #3 sex podcast of 2017. They share how their sex-positive, educational, hilarious partnership originated from tragedy. We talk about being a proud slut, coming out as an emotional man, how Cam curbed premature ejaculation & more. Ken & Sunny keep with the theme bringing on their 22 yo daughter to talk about having sex ed celeb parents & growing up in the unconventional Megatron-Berg household.

Listen to Sex Talk With My Mom this Thursday 3/15 too because Ken & Sunny will be a guest on their episode released that day.

Guest Bio

Sex Talk With My Mom PodcastSex Talk With My Mom is a podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated, “cougar” mom and her stand-up comic son. They have “the talk” every week to entertain and explore sex in today’s society.

KarenLee Poter is an expert in large age-gap relationships and hosts the popular YouTube channel, The KarenLee Poter Show. Her son Cam decided to use his Stanford education to become a clown/mime.

Episode 32 Topics

Having “the talk” with your kids, when tragedy strikes, dick pics, Sara Jay & White Castle burgers, widowhood, being a cougar, Dr. Seuss, MILF, getting your first period, patreon business advice, teaching sex ed on youtube, A Cougars Guide to Getting Your Ass Back Out There, stand up comedy, premature ejaculation, Stanford University, clown sex, dacryphilia, edging, polyamory, Nina Hartley, silent mime sex, Stiffler’s mom, sex novice, proud sluthood, AVN convention, emotional sex, latex sex parties, kegel exercises, the infamous clown orgy, sex positive parenting, long term relationships, May December romance, hot yoga instructors, sexual experimentation, threesomes, sex conventions, monogamy, marrying young, STD tests, multiple orgasms for men, prostate play, spanking, blow jobbery, oral vs. intercourse, irrumation, face fucking, coming out as emotional when you’re masculine, using tears as lube, cumming too quickly, 21 day masturbation challenge, cock-ups

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