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Nicole Prause, Ph.D. gives us an eye-opening view into the world of a sex researcher. We learn about the latest sexuality research like brain hacking to normalize sexual desire, scientific sex product research, and the very specific laboratory definition of an orgasm that surprisingly fails to line up with what many of us experience in the bedroom. We get into the internal clitoris, vasocongestion, skene’s glands, the mystery of sexual vaginal lubrication, and the most sensitive areas of the clitoral glans. Have you heard that men are more sexually visual, orgasms are different based on gender, or the more testosterone someone has the stronger their sex drive is? Dr. Prause tells us why these and other sexual “facts” aren’t true at all. This episode has so much fascinating information, it’s a sex geek’s wet dream! We also tell you about a free upcoming learning resource for existing and aspiring sexuality educators. 

Nicole Prause, Ph.D Bio

Nicole Prause, PhD,is a clinical scientist who studies primary rewards (aka sex) using neuroscience and physiology. She trained at the Kinsey Institute and graduated with a PhD in Clinical Science from Indiana University, Bloomington. She completed her clinical internship at Boston Consortium with an addictions research fellowship at Harvard University. She is a licensed psychologist in California (#27778). Laboratory studies are important, as compared to surveys alone, because they can demonstrate causality and test the accuracy of self-report. She applies these data to promote health, such as the benefits of (partnered and solo) genital stroking, promotion of relaxation and sleep with orgasm, and meditative effects of high sexual arousal states. Her overall goal is to identify empirically-supported methods for addressing problems that is endogenous, safe, and cheap, which includes reducing the shame associated with using sexual stimulation for these non-sexual applications.

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