@SexologyBae Sex Ed and Social JusticeOn episode 107 sex blogger Lizet (aka @SexologyBae) tells us about how she unlearned the sexual shame instilled in her from her Southern Christian upbringing. She describes teenage purity ceremonies she attended, how being taught to value virginity above all else negatively impacted her developing sexuality, and the consequences of religious oppression not only on her own life but on society as a whole. We also get into political and cultural stereotypes about the south, how people with marginalized identities can unknowingly replicate and reinforce oppression, unpacking privilege, and what all of those things have to do with sex and sexuality. Lizet also kicks off a pleasure product giveaway on her blog for American Sex listeners. 

@SexologyBae Bio

Lizet, better known to the internet as Sexology Bae, is a sexuality writer, Social Work Master’s student, and fur mom born and raised in Louisiana and currently living in Houston, Texas. The idea for Sexology Bae was formed during her own mental, spiritual, and emotional journey to unlearn the stigma and shame around sex and pleasure that comes with a Southern Christian upbringing. 

Near the end of her undergraduate college career after years spent as an on-campus sex educator, Lizet decided to share her experiences with the world after seeing a noticeable lack of young, Black, Southern voices talking openly about sex and sexuality in digital spaces. She has a passion for talking about race, body image, and the roles of region and religion in shaping our relationships to sex. You can find her most often on Twitter @sexologybae, creating thought provoking conversation threads and sharing memes.
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