You guys do such a fabulous job on my facebook page engaging in deep discussions, sharing ideas and giving each other advice.  Not only do I thoroughly enjoy everything you have to contribute, you all tell me you dig it too.  It’s time to take that community feel one step further and open up a discussion forum! 
If you have questions or something to share about any sexuality topic, go ahead and post in the Sexuality Sub-forum below.  
If you want tell us some jokes, seek non-sex & relationship related advice or make suggestions to make this community space even better, post away in the Off Topic Sub-forum below.  
This forum is a place where you are free to post anonymously without your facebook friends seeing what you’re up to.  If anonymity is important to you, remember to select your forum display name accordingly.  
Also remember, we’re friends offering friends advice.  We aren’t doctors or certified health professionals so consider that before you follow any suggestions posted here.  
Thanks for being a valuable member of this wonderful community! 
~Sunny Megatron

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