Sex, Kink & Trauma w/ Jamila M. Dawson August McLaughlin – Ep 173

Jamila M. Dawson, LMFT & August McLaughlin join us for episode 173 of American Sex Podcast to talk about sex, kink and trauma. The pair recently wrote a book on the subject called, With Pleasure: Managing Trauma Triggers for More Vibrant Sex and Relationships. If you’re a human you likely have trauma and whether you realize it or not, it can affect your connection to pleasure. Some of what we cover in this conversation: What trauma is/isn’t, If “fuck” is a trauma response like fight/flight/freeze/fawn, Trauma & the mind/body connection, Why some people find BDSM therapeutic, The difference between subspace & dissociation, Being trauma-aware in sex-positive communities, Neurodivergence, trauma & sex. As heavy as the subject seems, per our usual, we approach the subject with lightheartedness and lots of laughs! Life is too short to be serious all the time 😉