Body Fluid Fetish & Fantasy with Luna Matatas – 209

Have you ever wondered why we eroticize certain bodily fluids but consider others disgusting? Luna Matatas dives into the why and how behind body fluid fetish & fantasy Find out if squirt is really pee plus learn creative ideas for squirt…
Luna Matatas Race and Kink American Sex Podcast ep 186 cover art

Race & Kink w/Luna Matatas – Ep 186 American Sex Podcast

The kink community has a reputation for being accepting & inclusive. When it comes to race, however, we have some work to do. Recent research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found at BDSM events people of color were 16x more…
Daddy Play BDSM Luna Matatas American Sex Podcast cover art ep 167

Daddy Play with Luna Matatas – Ep 167 American Sex Podcast

Daddy play is hitting the mainstream and Luna Matatas joins us on episode 167 of American Sex Podcast to talk about the many flavors of this role-play. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to engage in age play to enjoy the daddy archetype. It’s not always a DDLG dynamic, although it can be. Luna explains why we find this kink so hot, the different types of daddy archetypes we can portray, why daddy play isn’t gender-dependent, the surging popularity of FemDaddies & gender non-conforming daddies, how it differs from mommy play, why not all daddies are dominant, the cultural and psychological origins of this kind of play, and more.