Mollena Williams Haas BDSM Community & Authentic Kink Pt 2 American Sex Episode 204 show art. Mollena looks confidently at the camera. She is a black woman with locked hair wearing a red suit and red leather gloves. She is standing against a black background. The text reads: ep 204 Authentic Kink & BDSM Community Insight, Mollena Williams Haas Part 2. The American sex podcast logo, purple apple podcasts logo, and web address are at the bottom.

Authentic Kink & BDSM Community, Mollena Williams-Haas – Ep 204 Pt. 2

How do you live your authentic kink life when your needs don't match up with the BDSM community status quo? In part 1 Mollena Williams-Haas told us how returning to the leather community after parting ways sparked an unexpected journey of healing…
Sunny Megatron Safewords Kink is Customizable ep 193 cover art

Safe Words, Consent & Customizing Your Kink – American Sex Podcast Ep 193

Safe words aren't as complicated as we make them out to be. They aren’t necessarily as simple as we think either. In kink & sex, safe words are simple communication tools that stop the action & trigger a predetermined protocol. What…
Rethinking Kink with Kate Loree & Sunny Megatron American Sex Podcast episode 184 cover art

Rethinking Kink with Kate Loree & Sunny Megatron – Ep 184 American Sex Podcast

Why do masochists like suffering? What happens to the body & mind during the altered states of consciousness subspace & topspace? How do people use kink to be more grounded, regulate the nervous system, explore intense emotional states with minimal risk, and more? There’s a lot more to BDSM than ropes, paddles, and floggers! On ep 184 of American Sex Podcast, Sunny Megatron & therapist, Kate Loree explore the psychology & strategy behind custom building BDSM experiences.