Las Vegas Escort Kate LayneIf you’re a client unsure about how to approach providers or are a companion yourself, Ep 113 of American Sex Podcast will answer a lot of your questions. Kate Layne tells us about how she broke into the business and why she found it so empowering. Balancing escorting with her high profile white-collar career is tricky and she discusses how advertising without showing her face has affected her business. Kate also gives helpful insight for first time clients– what acronyms like GFE really mean, why most providers don’t want to negotiate services like they are menu items, how to approach a companion online, what the client screening process is like and why it’s important, etiquette including grooming and tipping, how to negotiate with a provider if you’re on a tight budget, how Las Vegas is different than other cities for escorting & more. 

Kate Layne Bio

Kate Layne is a mature, brunette escort based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Kate has been an escort for about 5 years with no previous sexworker experience.  In her past she has worked in the insurance/investment field as well as sales and marketing.  Kate turned to sexwork after a failed relationship left her nearly broke and modern dating turned out to be focused on hookups and disappointment.  Kate has lived in Las Vegas for 7 years and is proud of her midwestern roots and down to earth personality. She tries not to take life too seriously and loves to laugh.  Kate is available for dates in Las Vegas or your location and will be adding tours in 2020.

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