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Genital Clamps: The Penis & Testicles Edition

Source: Eevlva/Dreamstime.com

Source: Eevlva/Dreamstime.com

Genital clamps can be used in so many delicious ways on the penis and testicles. Whether used to provide a gentle tug to enhance sexual pleasure, or to create sadistic sexual pain, they can be an amazing and inexpensive addition to your sexy arsenal.

Using genital clamps is form of sensation play. The act of cutting off circulation and then allowing the blood to rush back in when the clamps are removed makes the skin much more sensitive than normal. Clamping can be even more erotic when coupled with bondage or blindfolds during partnered play.

Genital Clamps Sound Painful!

Clamping doesn’t have to be painful. It’s not uncommon for men to enjoy tugging their scrotum while stroking their penis. Many find this pressure very arousing and that it helps bring on orgasm. Weight added from placing light clamps on the scrotum can give this same effect while leaving both hands free.

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