Although our release day is Tuesday, it’s a special week. The eclipse is happening today and we’re excited about our first interview on the American Sex Podcast! Those are good reasons to release early, right? Load this up on your way to work or on your way to a prime eclipse viewing area. This week we had an amazing conversation with porn star Casey Calvert and adult industry veteran Bryn Pryor. More show notes below.

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American Sex, Episode 3: Casey Calvert & Bryn Pryor – Porn, Love, Fetishes & Stamps

Casey Calvert & Bryn Pryor

American Sex Episode 3 guests, Casey Calvert & Bryn Pryor

About our guests: Casey Calvert is an adult performer, sex educator, and custom porn video mogul. Her husband, Bryn Pryor, has been in the porn industry since before Casey was born, doing every job around except performing. Together, they have a family full of dogs, cats, and comic-book collectibles, and have recently finished their first mainstream feature film, Diminuendo.

Recap: Ken & Sunny go from the personal parts of Casey & Bryn’s lives to professional (and professionally bizarre). A few of our topics: The surprisingly average home lives of porn stars; their mainstream movie starring the late Richard Hatch; why the porn industry is dead, how it happened & what’s its future; how to properly pick your porn name; and unique custom clip requests.

Episode 3 topics: Ron Popeil, porn & marriage, sick & twisted movie plots, jealousy and compersion for psychopaths, using tears as lube, the real people behind porn personas, stamp collections, insiders look at the porn industry, AVN porn awards, Manwin & Mindgeek, Gremlins & Phoebe Cates, The Butterfly Effect Podcast with Jon Ronson, findom, Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica, Castle Megastore, custom made porn clips.  

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