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Sex + Kink Q&A with Sunny & Ken - Ep 79 American Sex Podcast

Sunny & Ken dip into their virtual mailbag to answer listener sex questions on their second Q&A episode! They cover painful sex after menopause, exploring BDSM, being ghosted in non-monogamous relationships, erotic humiliation, tips…
Jimanekia Eborn Podcast Bonus American Sex Shoot the Shit Patreon

Bonus Episode! Shoot The Sh*t 3: Jimanekia Eborn

I recently grabbed a cuppa coffee and shot the shit with Jimanekia Eborn. She's a sexuality educator, trauma specialist, former American Sex Podcast guest, and host of the Trauma Queen podcast. We started out with a mundane chat about the…
Sex Advice Podcast American Sex

Sex + Kink Q&A Episode - American Sex Podcast Ep 56

Ken and Sunny dive into their mailbag to answer listener sex questions this week for their first ever Q&A episode! They cover subjects from vanilla to extra kinky-- erotic asphyxiation, electric play, blow job tips, orgasm issues, Daddy…