o.b. Tampons on the Black Market

Photo: John R. Coughlin, CNN Money

According to CNNMoney.com, you can currently fetch upward of $40 a box on the black market for o.b. tampons.  Last fall o.b. mysteriously vanished from store shelves only to pop up again this January in very limited quantities.  Ladies, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a box of  o.b., think twice before you use them. Sold on the internet, a few boxes of those white sewer mice might just cover this month’s car payment.

And if you do decide to keep them for yourself, maintain a low profile.  You never know the lengths some of those o.b. fanatics might go to get their hands on one of those precious, applicator free, little gems.  o.b. tampons have developed such a cult following, it has been reported that some women have gone as far as smuggling them in their vagina.

See the Full story HERE.

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