Sexual Technique & Satisfaction

Sexual Technique & Satisfaction

An archive of all articles that help you perfect your game & learn how to get more enjoyment from solo or partnered sex

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Navigating Consent & Setting Sexual Boundaries: Yes/No/Maybe List

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  It’s a topic I am very passionate about. I devoted a lot of time this month to speaking and teaching about sexual consent.  In my Sexual Consent Workshops we learn about consent in the context…
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How to Give Prostate Massage: Instructional Videos

Below are a few instructional videos on prostate massage we found helpful. In the first, Jennah Adams shows you how to milk the prostate with a gloved finger. In the second Brianna Beach demos with an Aneros Prostate Massager. The bottom video is the very first video I ever watched about prostate massage. I really like this last video because it shows the actual massage in more detail. Also, they are the cutest couple ever!
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Choosing Your First Sex Toy   There are a few things you may want to ask yourself before you buy your very first sex toy. For starters, you need to determine if you prefer vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation. Being…
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G-spot Stimulation Instructional Video

This is a wonderful video on how to stimulate the g-spot I have been referring people to for years. You can find clips of the video on various sites but this link has the full 30 plus minute instructional video. Warning, although this is an instructional video, the clip is housed on a porn site and is graphic in nature! It is certainly NOT suitable for work!
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Hitachi Magic Wand vs. Wahl Massager + Vibrator Giveaway!

[youtube][/youtube]   Watch my video to find out which massager I like better and why.  And don’t forget to enter to win a Wahl Electric Massager of your very own!  Use the widget down…
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Put it Between My Breasts: My Mother’s Day Story

When I was about 7 years old I accidentally heard my mother having sex. I stayed quiet as not to be discovered but had to keep listening out of sheer curiosity. At one point I heard her say in a whispery, trying-too-hard, bedroom voice “put it . . . between my . . . breaasssttts!”
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Stand Up – To Homophobic Bullying

  This PSA from Stand up! is of the best anti-bullying videos I've seen.  It made me cry, damn it! Really, everyone NEEDS to see this.   Show your friends, show your kids.  We need this happening in every school.   [youtube…
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My Penis and Everyone Else’s

I love Lawrence Barraclough and I don’t care if he has a teeny weenie peener.  Besides, size doesn’t matter.  Well, yes it does.  Well . . . no, it doesn’t really.  Okay, maybe a little bit.  No?  What’s the right answer!? This…

Direct Assistance for People in Sendai, Japan

I’m breaking from my usual format to ask for your help. By now you’ve all heard about the horrors the people Japan are facing in the wake of the recent earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear scare.  Thousands have been left homeless and…

HPV Panic Commencing in 3. . .2. . .1

Most folks I know in my age group or younger are adamant about safe sex.  We pride ourselves on the precautions we take for sexual safety. Those of us 40 and under grew up during the dawning of HIV/AIDS.  We know how important condoms…
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All I Know About the G-Spot I Learned From My Fucksaw

It seems fitting my first sexy product review be on The Stockroom’s Fuck Saw.  Little did I know the awesome Christmas gift Ken bought me would become THE fucksaw heard around the world. Back before my fucksaw was thrust into the spotlight…
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Northwestern Fucksaw: Has The New Sexual Revolution Just Begun?

I continue to be bombarded with countless untruths about what occurred during our lecture on February 21st, 2011 at Northwestern University.  It has turned into a global game of telephone.  The story has become so distorted and plucked…
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Fucksaw at Northwestern University: The REAL Story

I was one of the four guest lecturers at Northwestern University-- Ken Melvoin-Berg, Faith Kroll, Jim Marcus and myself.  In fact, that infamous fucksaw belongs to me.  I have been too crazy with media interviews, real life duties and…

Former Pumpkins Bassist, D’arcy Wretzky, Jailed

TMZ reported today former Smashing Pumpkins bassist, D'arcy Wretzky, was arrested in Michigan. Take a good look at the mug-shot. I know what you’re thinking: “OMG! Darcy, honey! What happened!? Are those little meth sores on…

HyperAlerts: Managing Facebook pages just got easier

I run a few Facebook fan pages. I have always found it incredibly frustrating as the administrator of a page I can’t get notifications of comments and new posts as I do on my personal page. A couple of weeks ago I found HyperAlerts, a…