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Viscount Zappula’s 3rd Annual Yuletide Ball

December 23, 2012 @ 2:00 AM – 9:00 AM
The Studio (10 min SW of Downtown Chicago)
$20 advance, $30 at the door
Ken Melvoin-Berg/SunnyMegatron

Yuletide greetings!

You are cordially invited to the Viscount Morgenstern Zappula’s 3rd annual Yuletide Ball. By Harry we are happy to make your acquaintance and have you attend!

For those who are new to the idea of Steampunk, below are a couple of links to check out for costume ideas. You may combine styles with clothing you already have like skirts, corsets, western wear, scientist, military and Victorian outfits or any combination of those elements.

http://www.steampunk.com/what-is-steampunk/You may also wear any Fetish gear or Yuletide Outfit (Santa, Elf, Reindeer, Mrs Claus , bad Xmas sweater, etc).

You will witness the return of our infamous Hysteria relief station run by the Viscountess Zappula and her Fucksaw Orgone generator machine.

As always, there will be fun, prizes, vendors and, of course, extreme electric play with Neon wands and Violet Wands.

The Devilishly Devious Zombie John and his very best H. H. Holmes meets Jules Verne inspired latex designs will be performing feats of body painting extraordinaire.

Minions #1 and #2 will be serving as human furniture, door people and DMs (dungeon monitors). We will be decorating them up with some liquid latex Xmas cheer and making one of them a Yule tree.

We will also play Victorian games like anal ring toss, ass cherry relay and we have a new game for you chirurgeons and medical doctors, Frankenstein’s monster electro-operation.

Bad News/Good News: Bad News 1st, White City Rippers cannot make it this year. Good News 2nd, we have officially booked Spears and Gears, a Britney Spears Steampunk cover band.

The event will occur on Saturday, December 22nd from 8pm to 3am, the cost is $20 per person in advance or $30 at the door. Payments will be either cash or PayPal sent to [email protected]. Prepay by 12/20/12 or the world will end.

YOU MUST RSVP TO ATTEND!!! Send me an RSVP email to [email protected] and put the words “Yuletide Ball” as the subject or you will not be sent the address of the Studio! No refunds will be given for advance payment.

This event will sell out so pre-register in advance if possible.

The Studio is clean, sober and non-smoking. Anyone 18+ years of age can attend our events.

Warmest Regards,
The Viscount & Viscountess Morgenstern Zappula (that’s me & Ken!)

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