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On The Edge: Knife Play Class/Play Party

March 28, 2012 @ 6:00 PM – March 27, 2012 @ 10:00 PM
The Studio
$10 donation (or more if you can afford it)
Ken Melvoin-Berg/SunnyMegatron

This class is near and dear to my heart (pun intended). We will be taking a look at blades of all kinds and their use in BDSM. There will be a couple of lectures before play time. This event is clean and sober, no alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed. This event is open to anyone 18 years or older. IDs with proof of age will be required at door.

RSVP to Ken Melvoin Berg’s email [email protected] by no later than noon on 3/28/12 for the info on location of The Studio.

There will be a lecture by Happy-Venom, who is an expert on many subjects including knife combat, weapon choice, knife care, hygiene and safety.

Happy-Venom bio:
Happy-Venom has been kinky for most of his life, going back to when he used to tie up his female schoolmates like he was a cartoon villain, suspend them by ropes in barns, or dress them up in tack-and-saddle and smack them with riding crops in what was purely innocent fun. Sure it was. Happy-Venom likes has enjoyed hitting things since he was a kid. He has been boxing, wrestling, and practicing martial arts for more than 30 years, used to do crazy shit like fought in cages, traveled to distant lands to shoot people and blow stuff up, and wrangled drunkards in biker bars. Now he does more humanitarian activities like train fighters and security personnel on how to beat people up more efficiently. He has also been involved professionally in kink since learning there actually was such a thing, back in the late ‘80s in Europe. There, he got into teaching dominatrixes how not to kill people when choking them unconscious, as well as getting paid to beat people for fun. He’s done that off and on since then, in one way or another, and still occasionally dusts off his interrogation equipment for fun and profit.

We will also have a special “Dexter Room” for extra messy play during this event.

Play party to follow the demos/lecture. Have fun, play safe and you are welcome to bring your toys but remember that any knives over 3″ are NOT street legal.

This event is limited to the first 50 people that RSVP by email to [email protected]. Putting you are Going on the Facebook or Fetlife event will NOT be enough to secure your spot if it sells out.

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