June 21, 2012 @ 1:00 AM – 7:00 AM
The Studio (10 min SW of Downtown Chicago)
$20 donation
Ken Melvoin-Berg/SunnyMegatron

On The Edge, presents “Chips and Whips” an introduction to single tail whips, buggy whips and fun with food.

WHIPS: This seminar/playtime event will feature instruction and care of your whip. We will talk about the detailed differences in whips, length, type of leather, what the end of the whips are for etc. We will be instructing how to safely use them in BDSM scenes, we will not be doing any whip tricks or sideshow instruction.
CHIPS: Not California Highway Patrol (I know some of you children of the 80s were thinking oooh I get to be Ponch!), but actual food. We will be having all different sorts of potato chips and dips. We will also be making human chip bowls and human dip bowls, this gives double dipping a whole new meaning.

We will be playing games with chips, dips and whips in order to become familiar with the use of the single tails (Whip the Chip will be one game, guess where we put the chip?).

Bring a friend, bring a whip and please bring chips/or dip.

Class will conclude with open playtime at The Studio.


This event is 18 years of age and up, clean and sober. No drinking, drugs or smoking allowed in The Studio. It will take place on 6/20/12 from 8pm to 2am. Late comers are welcome, but we will be starting the class at 9:00pm sharp.

This class is a $20 donation and either a dip or a bag of chips (funky flavors appreciated).

Dress will be casual, street, fetish or Indiana Jones.

RSVP to [email protected] (especially if you don’t know where the Studio is located. It is approximately 10 min southwest of Downtown Chicago). RSVPs will be returned 24 hours before the event.

Facebook Invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/322969221113338/  (you must still RSVP by e-mail)

On the Edge is a BDSM educational series brought to you by Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron.  Events are hosted at the studio and are designed to let participants delve deeply into a variety of kinky subjects.  Each event is 3-6 hours long and incorporates classroom style instruction, hands-on learning and open playtime.  On The Edge events are also great opportunities to meet and network with other kinky folks.  Experts in each subject are brought in to teach portions of each class you you can get the best instruction possible.  

Some of the On The Edge classes that have been offered:  Zap! Electric Play Workshop/BBQ/Play Party, Erotic Photography, Knife Play,  “Give Me The Code!” Military Style Intelligence Gathering & Interrogation Play Workshop and BDSM 201: Dungeons for Beginners.  We generally offer at least two On The Edge classes and events per month at The Studio so be sure to check back when new events are added.  Ken and Sunny also teach various sexuality classes on a regualr basis at other sex positive venues.  Check the sexy class calendar for a complete listing.  

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