On the Edge: Cryoplay (BDSM play with extreme cold and ice) @ The Studio (10 min SW of Downtown Chicago)
Sep 22 @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Ice and cold are not new. Technology and chemistry have given us some amazing advances in this realm. Ken Melvoin-Berg, our resident science geek and sexpert, will be teaching this edge play seminar.

We will be learning about the procurement, gear, safety issues and background of using liquid nitrogen (LN2), frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) and frozen water (ice) play. This class will be a demo learning class only.

Disclaimer: Liquid nitrogen play is very extreme but is actually less dangerous than rope bondage.

We will be addressing the medical/aftercare side of all this play as well. Hypothermia, cold burns, lacerations and asphyxiation are all dangers in this sort of play. We will help you identify and treat these issues before they become a problem.

This event is at The Studio in Chicago, IL. All our events are clean and sober, the age limit is for people 18 and up. Please have IDs available at the door.

Due our extreme cost of obtaining the equipment and chemicals needed for the demo, we are charging $20 in advance or $30 at the door. No refunds will be given for advance payment.

RSVP to Ken aka at [email protected] with the word “CRYOPLAY” as the subject. To forward advance payment, use paypal to [email protected].

This will put you on the list and give you the location for this event. We expect it to sell out as we are getting the same sort of interest that we had in our interrogation class, so register early.


About the Instructor:

Ken Melvoin-Berg owns Weird Chicago Tours and the Midwest’s premier S&M Dungeon, The Studio. As a Lecturer and Sexstorian, he is the creator of On The Edge (a lecture/film series on BDSM). In addition to authoring 14 books on various subjects, Ken edits and writes numerous articles on sexuality.

He travels around the world teaching kink awareness to various private groups and continually develops new kink-friendly/sex positive classes.

Ken is responsible for the infamous Northwestern University Fucksaw controversy while teaching his class, Networking for Kinky People. Sunny Megatron is his partner in crime in his perverted adventures.

Asking For What You’re Worth – For Kink & Sexuality Educators
Feb 12 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Asking For What You’re Worth - For Kink & Sexuality Educators
In this panel, we’ll be joined by a few of your favorite experienced kink educators who will share their tips and tricks for negotiating pay.

About this event

Just how much does a kink educator get paid to teach adults about BDSM? Is it an hourly rate? Minimum wage? Or maybe less? Many people are often surprised to find out how pay works in the world of kink education, especially once they calculate just how much it can cost to travel to conventions where they teach. In this panel we’ll be joined by a few of your favorite experienced kink educators who will share their tips and tricks for kink education marketing, negotiation, and budgeting so they’re most likely to have some income (instead of deficit).

Attendance Agreements:

Due to the adult nature of the classes, all attendees must be at least 18 years of age. By obtaining a ticket you agree that you meet this minimum age requirement. Any under-age persons will be removed from the class/discussion.

No recording of any kind is permitted of the class, video, or audio whether it is the instructor, the audience, or shared screen images. Do not re-broadcast the content to other media outlets, screenshot any part of the class, or share information about people you saw within the class or their stories. By attending you agree to the above restrictions regarding information sharing.

About Kink Positive:

Kink+ (or “Kink Positive”) is a project designed to help spread information, experience, and knowledge in all things related to kink and sex positive thinking.

Presenter Bio:

Ignixia is an internationally renowned professional kink educator and leather-woman who was the owner and sole-operator of an award-winning leather business where she used her skills as a leatherworker to create the Kinkability toy line, first of its kind fetish gear designed for those with disabilities. As someone who lives with chronic pain, along with her partner, she uses her experiences to help others with chronic pain through classes designed to make daily life and kink easier to manage.

Over the past 5 years she’s shared that passion by teaching at over 50 major kink conferences. When not traveling to teach at kink conventions, she used to volunteer 2 days per week at her local dungeon as a DM and educator. Locally she has also been a founding member and Co-Chair of NLA-Orlando, Co-Founder of WiLO (Women in Leather Orlando), Co-Creator of CFL Littles, and a supporter of WinK (Women in Kink), Dominant’s Roundtable, and multiple under 35 groups.

In addition to donating products to multiple events’ charity funds, she is the creator of over 100 kink/fetish based designs including #KinkyCoexist and dozens of “Pride” Facebook profile frames used by thousands around the world. Her latest endeavor has been the creation and management of Kink Positive, a project designed to promote kink and sex positive thinking through education by joining efforts with other educators, vendors, and events to maximize reach.