An Intro to Labia Clamps

Takeaway: Want to mix pleasure with pain? Here’s how to venture safely into the world of clamping.

Source: Chaoss/Dreamstime.com

Source: Chaoss/Dreamstime.com

If you have ever had your labia massaged or tugged on during foreplay, you may have noticed how good it feels. This is because putting pressure on the labia can stimulate the internal clitoris. That little button above the top of the vaginal opening that most of us know as the clitoris is really just the tip of a much larger iceberg. It is attached to an additional three to seven inches of sensitive tissue called the clitoral legs. These internal clitoral legs extend under the labia, on each side of the vaginal opening, in the shape of a wishbone. Often during external play, we concentrate on the head of the clitoris but ignore the thousands of sensitive nerve endings that lie beneath the surface of the vulva . . .

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