Clown Fetish & Cam Girl Camp with Miss Quin – Ep 71 American Sex Podcast

Clown Fetish & Cam Girl Miss QuinOn Episode 71 Miss Quin opens up about all things clown fetish! What’s the appeal? How do you find partners that don’t think it’s weird? What’s behind the sudden popularity of clown porn? We also talk about her latest venture, Cam Girl Camp. The turnover in the cam world is high– most performers quit within the first 2 weeks. Miss Quin tells us the reasons why & what she’s doing to change that. Lastly, online censorship is at a critical point. SESTA/FOSTA were intended to curb sex trafficking but have spectacularly backfired endangering sex workers across the country. The effects are now trickling down resulting in the censorship of anything having to do with sexuality on sites like Tumblr and Facebook. Sunny talks about how this unintended consequence affects all of us and what might be coming next.     

Guest Bio

Miss Quin is a has been a webcam model and fetish pornographer for nearly 7 years. She is a clown fetishist, cosplayer and attends conventions geeky and 18+.


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