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The Fundamentals of BDSM

From the outside looking in, a typical BDSM scene may appear to be a one-sided affair in which the dominant gets to do whatever they want to the submissive. To the unknowing eye, things like spanking, objectification, or erotic humiliation seem abusive. If these actions are done properly within the framework of BDSM, however, they are anything but.
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Detroit’s Local 4 News Filming of BDSM Club Irresponsible Journalism

I just learned Detroit's Local 4 News planted someone at a local BDSM Dungeon party and will broadcast images of the guests captured on a hidden camera on tonight's 11pm news.  The angle of the story is something to the effect of "OMG! Are…
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Navigating Consent & Setting Sexual Boundaries: Yes/No/Maybe List

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  It’s a topic I am very passionate about. I devoted a lot of time this month to speaking and teaching about sexual consent.  In my Sexual Consent Workshops we learn about consent in the context…