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American Sex podcast takes a deep but humorous look at unconventional sexual expression in the United States. Featuring an eclectic mix of guests ranging from a former Surgeon General to a man happily married to a sex doll, each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and hilarious. Hosts Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are acclaimed, internationally recognized Sexuality Educators. They’re approachable, authentic, and their lighthearted on-air chemistry is second to none.

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BDSM Myths & Realities w/ Mistress Justine Cross - Ep 110

On ep 110 Mistress Justine Cross sorts out BDSM myths and facts. We begin by dissecting negative stereotypes the media feeds us about kink and sex work plus learn the reasons why we’ll likely never see accurate representations in pop culture.…
Kink & Gaming Shanna Germain

The Kink & Gaming Crossover with Shanna Germain - Ep 109 American Sex Podcast

On ep 109 we explore the parallels between the kink and gaming cultures with Shanna Germain. It turns out these groups can learn a lot from each other-- especially along the lines of negotiation, consent, and aftercare. Shanna is doing her…
Sacred Kink Lee Harrington

Sacred Kink with Lee Harrington - Ep 108 American Sex Podcast

Lee Harrington joins us for a discussion about sacred kink on episode 108 of American Sex Podcast. If sacred sexuality, ritual, and sex magic aren’t your cup of tea, hold up. Lee explains how the altered states of consciousness and profound emotional…
@SexologyBae Sex Ed and Social Justice

Sex Ed & Social Justice in the South w/ @SexologyBae - Ep 107 American Sex Podcast

On episode 107 sex blogger Lizet (aka @SexologyBae) tells us about how she unlearned the sexual shame instilled in her from her Southern Christian upbringing. She describes teenage purity ceremonies she attended, how being taught to value virginity…
Callie Wright Bottom Surgery Queersplaining

Life After Bottom Surgery with Callie Wright - Ep 106 American Sex Podcast

On episode 106 Callie Wright of the Queersplaining Podcast has a candid conversation with us about her experience with bottom surgery.  She shares a snapshot at life leading up to surgery including establishing her trans identity. Then Callie…
Luna Matatas Body Fluids

Body Fluid Play with Luna Matatas - Ep 105 American Sex Podcast

Episode 105 is about everything wet! Luna Matatas explores the question, “why do we eroticize certain bodily fluids but consider others disgusting?” Then we really dive into a pool of the slimy, juicy, splashy stuff! Find out once and for…
Tristan Taormino Anal Sex

Butt Stuff for Everybody with Tristan Taormino - Ep 104 American Sex Podcast

Episode 104 is officially going down in the annals of American Sex history as the go-to anal sex guide. Tristan Taormino tells us everything we’ve always wanted to know more about backdoor play. We bust anal sex myths that keep us ashamed…
Gay in the 1940s Uncle George 91 year old man

Gay in the 1940s with 91 yo Uncle George - Ep 103 American Sex Podcast

This week's episode is a personal one. We talk to Sunny's 91-year-old Uncle George. He tells us what it was like growing up as a gay man in Chicago in the 1940s. This was when being ‘homosexual’ was illegal and frequenting gay bars and meeting…
Dixie De La Tour Building Community with Storytelling

Building Community with Dixie De La Tour - Ep 102 American Sex Podcast

Humans crave belonging, it’s even smack dab in the middle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This week, Dixie De La Tour of Bawdy Storytelling tells us about her years of building community. We learn how acknowledging your authentic self through…
Shannon Boodram The Game of Desire Book

Leveling Up Your Dating Game with Shannon Boodram - Ep 97 American Sex Podcast

Level up your dating game with Shannon Boodram! Screw those dating books filled with pick up artist techniques to trick potential mates. Shan’s dating advice is more like “dating therapy”… and you need it! We talk about the importance…
Justin Lehmiller Cuckolding & Dick Pics
Sex and Stigma Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada's Legal Brothels Dr Sarah Blythe
Exploring BDSM Sunny Megatron Lexi Sylver

Exploring BDSM w/Sunny Megatron & Lexi Sylver - Ep 80 American Sex Podcast

This BDSM episode is a perfect primer for those dipping their toes into the kinky pool for the first time or for experienced kinksters looking for a little renewed inspiration. Ken & Sunny’s approach to kink is quite different than what’s…
Sex Advice Podcast Sunny Megatron

Sex + Kink Q&A with Sunny & Ken - Ep 79 American Sex Podcast

Sunny & Ken dip into their virtual mailbag to answer listener sex questions on their second Q&A episode! They cover painful sex after menopause, exploring BDSM, being ghosted in non-monogamous relationships, erotic humiliation, tips…

Emotional Healing with Zoe Ligon - Ep 78 American Sex Podcast

On episode 78 we speak with Zoe Ligon of the SuperDeluxe web series, Sex Stuff, and owner of Spectrum Boutique. She tells us about the larger forces in her life that affect her relationships, identity, and sexuality--namely, healing from childhood…
Shine Louise Houston Podcast

Queer Porn Goes 'Straight Curious' with Shine Louise Houston - Ep 77 American Sex Podcast

Queer porn producer, writer & director, Shine Louise Houston, is our guest on episode 77 of American Sex Podcast. We talk about pay inequities in porn and her progressive pay structure for talent, what it means to be queer, her upcoming…
davecat married to real doll

I Married A Real Doll with Davecat - Ep 76 American Sex Podcast

Get ready for a memorable blast from the past. We revisit an early American Sex podcast guest conversation with Davecat. Davecat’s wife, Sidore, is a doll– meaning, she’s not just a sweetie, she’s actually synthetic! Happily coupled…
Surviving R Kelly Podcast Dirty Lola

Surviving R Kelly & Our History of Sexualizing Teens w/ Dirty Lola - Ep 75 American Sex Podcast

On episode 75 Sunny & Lola’s reflection on the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries prompts an impromptu conversation about America's long history of sexualizing teens. We’re all shocked by the R. Kelly story but remember back in high school…
Dr. Justin Lehmiller podcast Science of Sexual Fantasy

The Science of Sexual Fantasy with Dr. Justin Lehmiller - Ep 74 American Sex Podcast

This episode might just change your life-- especially if you've ever wondered if your sexual fantasies are too “weird.” Dr. Justin Lehmiller surveyed over 4,000 Americans about their fantasies and what he discovered is absolutely…
Dr. Hernando Chaves Podcast Mindfulness Stress Sex & Relationships

Mindfulness & Stress in Sex + Relationships with Dr. Hernando Chaves - Ep 73 American Sex Podcast

American Sex Podcast is back after holiday hiatus! Ken & Sunny speak with sex therapist Dr. Hernando Chaves about what affects the health of our sex lives. He discusses the heavy impact stress has in the bedroom and tells us how we can use…
Midori How to make negotiation sexy

Hotter Negotiation with Midori - Ep 72 American Sex Podcast

Great sex and mind-blowing kink must include clear communication and thorough negotiation. Sometimes, however, the process can seem impersonal and not very sexy. In this episode, Midori teaches us surefire techniques for laying groundwork before…
Clown Fetish & Cam Girl Miss Quin

Clown Fetish & Cam Girl Camp with Miss Quin - Ep 71 American Sex Podcast

On Episode 71 Miss Quin opens up about all things clown fetish! What’s the appeal? How do you find partners that don’t think it’s weird? What's behind the sudden popularity of clown porn? We also talk about her latest venture, Cam Girl…
How to choose the perfect sex toy podcast

How to Choose the Perfect Sex Toy (Vulva Edition) - Ep 70 American Sex Podcast

Choosing a sex toy can be overwhelming. There’s so many different types! How can you figure out which is the best one for you? This week we deviate from our regular format to spill all of Sunny’s secrets for finding the perfect sex toy.…
Pleasure Podcasts Survey Giveaway

Take Our Podcast Listener Survey & Win $350 Worth of Goodies!

Wanna win a We-Vibe Discover Gift Box & a few other goodies valued at $350 from + help out American Sex Podcast? Fill out our Pleasure Podcasts listener survey & you're entered to win! This survey is important to…
Jimanekia Eborn Podcast Bonus American Sex Shoot the Shit Patreon

Bonus Episode! Shoot The Sh*t 3: Jimanekia Eborn

I recently grabbed a cuppa coffee and shot the shit with Jimanekia Eborn. She's a sexuality educator, trauma specialist, former American Sex Podcast guest, and host of the Trauma Queen podcast. We started out with a mundane chat about the…
Brianna Rader Juicebox Sex Coaching

Tech Based Sex Coaching with Brianna Rader - Ep 67 American Sex Podcast

Brianna Rader gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the sex tech startup world. It turns out it's not as easy as it seems. Facing restrictions at every turn and navigating nonsensical business standards (i.e. promoting penile erectile solutions…
Kendra Lee Ryan BBW Porn Escorting Podcast

Kendra Lee Ryan - Escorting & BBW Porn - Ep 65 American Sex podcast

This week on American Sex Podcast BBW adult performer, Kendra Lee Ryan, shares her experiences as a sex worker. She’s done various forms of sex work including dancing, camming, escorting, and adult films. Kendra tells us why she’s so passionate…
Which American Sex Podcast

There’s ANOTHER American Sex Podcast-- WHAT?!?!

Yep, you read that right. There's another podcast based in Los Angeles that is using our name, American Sex, and people are getting really confused. What's the deal? This podcast popped up a few months back after…
Amy Jo Goddard Fire Woman

Amy Jo Goddard: Empowerment & Healing in Trying Times - Ep 61 American Sex Podcast

Amy Jo Goddard specializes in women’s healing & empowerment and after the week our country has had, this conversation is perfectly timed. Sunny & Amy Jo discuss the impact of age of #MeToo has had on various members of society--women,…
Prostate Vibrator Giveaway

Lovense Edge Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys every month on American Sex podcast. For our October 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away a Lovense Edge Prostate Massager valued at $119 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Like the other Lovense toys…
Dr Chauntelle podcast sociology of sex

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals: The Sociology of Sex - Ep 59 American Sex podcast

Dr. Chauntelle studies the sociology of sexuality and sex work. This fascinating conversation integrates the economics, ethics, psychology, politics, and marketing of sex--all critical components of sexual freedom we’re not accustomed to thinking…
Bella Bathory HIV Stigma American Sex Podcast

Bella Bathory: HIV Stigma- American Sex Podcast Ep 57

Science has never been so sexy! Adult performer, Fem Domme, and Infectious Disease professional, Bella Bathory gives us a peek at safety protocols in the adult industry. She tells us about the incredibly effective systems performers use to minimize…
Love Pods Tre Sex Toy Giveaway - American Sex Podcast Sunny Megatron

Jimmyjane Love Pods Tre Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For our September 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away a Jimmyjane LOVE POD TRE valued at $149 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. The…
Andrew Gurza Sex and Disability Podcast

Andrew Gurza: Sex & Disability - Ep 55 American Sex Podcast

This conversation about sex and disability is essential listening for every human on the planet! Andrew Gurza helps us sit with and work through our discomforts around disability.  We talk ableism, inspiration porn, and the reason he chooses…
Remote control vibrator giveaway

Ojoy Olive Remote Vibe Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of August Ken & I are giving away an Ojoy Olive Kegel Egg Cerise remote control vibrator valued at $89 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. This…
Airial Clark how to be a woman and not give a fuck podcast

How to be a Woman & Not Give a F*ck with Airial Clark - Ep 51

Typically women in the U.S. are on the losing end of an uneven division of labor. We are expected to give a f*ck about everything. This isn’t only for those that are parents or in heterosexual marriages. These rigid gender roles seep in at…
Pretty Love Ford

Pretty Love Ford Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of July Ken & I are giving away A Pretty Love Ford silicone clitoral vibrator valued at $99 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Here's a bit more…
Dr. Chris Donaghue Podcast American Sex

Dr. Chris Donaghue: Masculine Sexuality - American Sex Podcast Ep 45

Dr. Chris Donaghue drops so much valuable knowledge in this episode! We get right to the heart of issues common in masculine sexuality-- low desire, masturbation habits, societal pressures to perform, the taboo of prostate play, the stigma of…
ojoy lily silicone vibrator giveaway

Ojoy Lily Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of June Ken & I are giving away an Ojoy Lily silicone thrusting Rabbit vibrator valued at $99 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Entering…
STEM and Feminism American Sex Podcast

"STEM & Feminism with Erin Heaney & Dr. Greg Marks - Ep 43 American Sex Podcast

This week Ken & Sunny interview a pair of high school teachers. Erin Heaney and Dr. Greg Marks are dedicated to making sure women and girls have equal access and representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Why is…
Midori Dominance Role Play American Sex Podcast

Midori: Erotic Roleplay & Finding Your Dominance - American Sex Podcast Ep 42

Our conversation with Midori will blow your mind! She’s changed countless sex lives for the better worldwide and might just change yours during this episode. Learn how to easily tap into your erotic creativity for roleplay and comfortably…
Miss Maya Sinstress American Sex Podcast

Dominatrix Miss Maya Sinstress - American Sex Podcast Ep 41

Pro-Domme, Miss Maya Sinstress gives us a peek into her deviously wicked mind. Known for extreme degradation and her boundary-pushing videos, Maya shares tales of sadistic fun with viagra & lidocaine, embarrassing public humiliation scenes,…
American Sex Podcast Smashing Dishes & Unusual Fetishes

Smashing Dishes & Other Unusual Fetishes - Ep. 39 American Sex Podcast

Would you like be a fly on a wall peeking in on what seemingly average people do behind closed doors? This week you get to do just that! Our guest, Big Rubber Dragon, reveals his very unusual fetishes: smashing plates, dressing in a rubber…

Domi by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys every month on American Sex podcast. For our first May 2018 giveaway (Yep, there's two again this month. The other will be hosted on Instagram and it starts on Monday, 5/7/18.) Ken & I are giving away a Lovense…
Sex Toy Episode Katy Zvolerin Interview

The Sex Toy Episode! + A Chat w/ Katy Zvolerin - Ep 37 American Sex Podcast

Episode 37 of American Sex Podcast is our big, girthy sex toy episode! Listeners tell us the hilarious household objects they’ve used to get off, we reveal some of our most laughable sex toy fails, plus we clear up some sex toy myths. Find…
Kara Cooney Egyptologist American Sex Podcast Interview

Kara Cooney, Egyptologist: From the Bedroom to the White House, Lessons from Our Past - Ep 35

Kara Cooney is an Egyptologist whose work can be seen on the Discovery Channel and in museums around the world.  What the heck does that have to do with the sexual climate here in the US? A LOT. History repeats itself, right? Political structure…
Womanizer Sona Satisfyer giveaway

Womanizer, Satisfyer, Sona Giveaway Sponsored by

I am so excited!!! sent me the latest versions of some of the hottest pleasure products on the market-- The Womanizer Pro40,  Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, and Lelo Sona to compare and contrast on your behalf. On Tuesday,…
Jimmyjane Love Pods HALO

Jimmyjane Love Pods Halo Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For one of our April 2018 giveaways (yes, there's two this month! will be live the evening of 4/3 and run all month),…
Alice Little Bunny Ranch Podcast

Alice Little - Top Earning Sex Worker & Favorite at The Bunny Ranch - Ep 33 American Sex Podcast

Alice Little lets us be a fly on the wall behind closed doors at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch.  She was named the #1 Companion of the Year and tells us about her work with adult virgins, couples eager to explore, BDSM, misconceptions…
osci sex toy giveaway

Osci by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For the March 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away an Osci by Lovense smartphone app-controlled g-spot stimulator valued at $199 provided by our…
Kevin Patterson Loves Not Color Blind Podcast

Kevin Patterson: Love's Not Color Blind - American Sex Podcast Ep 30

Kevin Patterson talks about his new book Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities. We delve into how to figure out what you don’t know, being more inclusive in your community, balancing…
Ruby Bouie Johnson Podcast American Sex

Ruby Johnson: Polyamory, Serial Killers & Forensic Social Work - Ep 27

We had a ton of laughs and learned a lot talking with Sex Therapist Ruby B. Johnson about non-hierarchical polyamory, eroticised racism, BDSM & unusual roleplays, sex therapy vs. relationship therapy, her event Poly Dallas Millennium, her…
AMBI Sunny Megatron

Ambi by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

Hi, friends! Giveaways are just one of our ways of thanking you for your continued support of American Sex podcast! For the February 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away an Ambi by Lovense smartphone app-controlled vibrating bullet…
Anne Hodder Podcast interview

Anne Hodder: Owning Your Sh*t - Ep 26 American Sex Podcast

Sex educator & pleasure industry wonder woman, Anne Hodder, shares stories of her sex journalism days including the ongoing Village Voice, coast to coast, “girl-fight” she helped craft under the pseudonym Barbie Davenport. We discuss…
Cyndi Darnell #MeToo Aziz Ansari Podcast
The Black Pomegranate Podcast

"I'm Kinky! Now What?" with The Black Pomegranate - Ep 24

“I think I’m kinky! Now what?” Ken & Sunny discuss 4 things you need to know before exploring the BDSM scene. They talk with Mr. BLK & Ms. Pomegranate of the award-winning BDSM blog, They tell us how they…