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American Sex podcast takes a deep but humorous look at unconventional sexual expression in the United States. Featuring an eclectic mix of guests ranging from a former Surgeon General to a man happily married to a sex doll, each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and hilarious. Hosts Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are acclaimed, internationally recognized Sexuality Educators. They’re approachable, authentic, and their lighthearted on-air chemistry is second to none.

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Switching in BDSM with Ana Algos - Ep 143

What does it mean to be a switch in BDSM? This week Queen Ana Algos brings us into the world of switching. We talk about switch erasure--some people think switches don’t exist, they’re just confused doms and subs that haven’t picked a…

Cuffing Season & COVID w/ Sarah Sloane - Ep 142 American Sex Podcast

After more than six months our COVID situation isn’t getting better. While we may have started this journey as isolation superstars, the need for human contact is growing stronger. Sarah Sloane joins us to talk about how we can date in kinky,…

ADHD & Sex with Catie Osborn - Ep 141 American Sex Podcast

The way we perceive the world physically and mentally has profound effects on our sexuality. Sadly, this is something we rarely talk about. On episode 141 of American Sex Podcast, Catie Osborn discusses ADHD, sex, and BDSM. We cover adult diagnosis,…

Sex in 2020 w/ Cam & Karen Lee Poter - Ep 137

On ep 137 of American Sex Podcast, we talk with mother-son duo, Cam & KarenLee Poter of the Sex Talk With My Mom podcast, about what’s happening with our sex lives in 2020. Some of us have lost our libido and others are hyper-sexual wanting…

Race & BDSM w/ Luna Matatas & Marla Renee Stewart - Ep 136

On episode 136 of American Sex Podcast, we talk about the intersection of race and kink with Luna Matatas and Marla Renee Stewart. Learn how casual and not so casual racism shows up in structural, cultural, and interpersonal contexts in the…

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We’re giving away 20 premium sex toys from Fun Factory, nJoy, Blush Novelties, We-Vibe & Womanizer from now until Februry 5th, 2020. In fact, over the next month we’re giving away a total of TWENTY toys with a total retail value of over $2,300!
Las Vegas Escort Kate Layne

BDSM Myths & Realities w/ Mistress Justine Cross - Ep 110

On ep 110 Mistress Justine Cross sorts out BDSM myths and facts. We begin by dissecting negative stereotypes the media feeds us about kink and sex work plus learn the reasons why we’ll likely never see accurate representations in pop culture.…
Justin Lehmiller Cuckolding & Dick Pics
Lance Hart Podcast American Sex
Sex and Stigma Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada's Legal Brothels Dr Sarah Blythe
Dr. Hernando Chaves Podcast Mindfulness Stress Sex & Relationships
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Wanna win a We-Vibe Discover Gift Box & a few other goodies valued at $350 from + help out American Sex Podcast? Fill out our Pleasure Podcasts listener survey & you're entered to win! This survey is important to…
Jimanekia Eborn Podcast Bonus American Sex Shoot the Shit Patreon
Which American Sex Podcast

There’s ANOTHER American Sex Podcast-- WHAT?!?!

Yep, you read that right. There's another podcast based in Los Angeles that is using our name, American Sex, and people are getting really confused. What's the deal? This podcast popped up a few months back after…
Prostate Vibrator Giveaway

Lovense Edge Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys every month on American Sex podcast. For our October 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away a Lovense Edge Prostate Massager valued at $119 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Like the other Lovense toys…
Bella Bathory HIV Stigma American Sex Podcast
Love Pods Tre Sex Toy Giveaway - American Sex Podcast Sunny Megatron

Jimmyjane Love Pods Tre Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For our September 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away a Jimmyjane LOVE POD TRE valued at $149 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. The…
Sex Advice Podcast American Sex
Remote control vibrator giveaway

Ojoy Olive Remote Vibe Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of August Ken & I are giving away an Ojoy Olive Kegel Egg Cerise remote control vibrator valued at $89 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. This…