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American Sex podcast takes a deep but humorous look at unconventional sexual expression in the United States. Featuring an eclectic mix of guests ranging from a former Surgeon General to a man happily married to a sex doll, each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and hilarious. Hosts Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are acclaimed, internationally recognized Sexuality Educators. They’re approachable, authentic, and their lighthearted on-air chemistry is second to none.

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Amberly Rothfield Phone Sex Operator

Amberly Rothfield: Tips From a Phone Sex Operator - Ep 54 American Sex Podcast

This hour with Amberly Rothfield is essential listening for anyone who’s ever considered being a phone sex operator, telephone dominatrix, cam performer, or XXX content creator. Amberly gives us tips from her book “How I Made $10k a…
minimus maximus BDSM Podcast

minimus maximus: BDSM & Masculine Submission - Ep 53 American Sex Podcast

minimus maximus is an experienced submissive and one of the hosts of the popular Off The Cuffs: A Kink & BDSM Podcast. We delve into the how's and why’s of some of his favorite kinky activities like chastity play, Female Domination, cuckolding,…
Remote control vibrator giveaway

Ojoy Olive Remote Vibe Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of August Ken & I are giving away an Ojoy Olive Kegel Egg Cerise remote control vibrator valued at $89 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. This…
Graydancer & Naiia Podcast Orig photo by Mistress Mayhem

Graydancer & Naiia: Redefining BDSM Communities - Ep 52 American Sex Podcast

We sat down with BDSM & rope bondage superstars, Graydancer & Naiia, to talk about the BDSM “scene”. Some assume this group is ripe with open communication, ethical behavior, and clearly negotiated consent because those concepts…
Airial Clark how to be a woman and not give a fuck podcast

How to be a Woman & Not Give a F*ck with Airial Clark - Ep 51

Typically women in the U.S. are on the losing end of an uneven division of labor. We are expected to give a f*ck about everything. This isn’t only for those that are parents or in heterosexual marriages. These rigid gender roles seep in at…
Dr. Jess O'Rilley Happy Healthy Relationships

Dr. Jess O'Reilly: Happy Healthy Relationships - Ep 50 American Sex Podcast

This is our jam-packed relationship episode! Dr. Jess zeroes in on the real issues we need to focus on for better relationships. She explains the chemistry of love and why things seem to go south after the honeymoon period is over, the reason…
Jimanekia Eborn Podcast Sex and Trauma

Jimanekia Eborn: Sex After Trauma - American Sex Podcast Ep 49

Jimanekia Eborn takes a heavy subject and makes it feel like a breath of fresh air. Overcoming sexual trauma can be incredibly difficult. Jimanekia tells us about her journey of healing from her own trauma and the work she now does with other…
Paul Fishbein Interview AVN Podcast

Paul Fishbein: AVN & Beyond - Ep 48 American Sex Podcast

Looking at Paul Fishbein you’d never guess he’s “the porn guy.” Fresh out of college in the early 80s Paul was working at a video store when he spotted an unaddressed need in the adult movie industry. He went on to found AVN-- the magazine,…
Pretty Love Ford

Pretty Love Ford Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of July Ken & I are giving away A Pretty Love Ford silicone clitoral vibrator valued at $99 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Here's a bit more…
Raven Roxx Interview Transgender Porn Star

Raven Roxx: Transgender Adult Performer- Ep 47 American Sex Podcast

Raven Roxx was the epitome of masculinity until just a few years ago. Now she’s a drop dead gorgeous adult performer living her best life. Ken & Sunny talk to Raven about her former conservative lifestyle as a married man in the military,…
Open Marriage wife and girlfriend podcast

Our Open Marriage: Sunny, Ken, Lee Lee & Their Polyamory - Ep 46 American Sex Podcast

How would you feel if your spouse dated other people? This week Ken & Sunny open up and talk about their open marriage and include Ken’s girlfriend, Lee Lee as their guest.  They reveal how they manage jealousy, their time, and their…
Dr. Chris Donaghue Podcast American Sex

Dr. Chris Donaghue: Masculine Sexuality - American Sex Podcast Ep 45

Dr. Chris Donaghue drops so much valuable knowledge in this episode! We get right to the heart of issues common in masculine sexuality-- low desire, masturbation habits, societal pressures to perform, the taboo of prostate play, the stigma of…
Dan Savage Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage of Savage Lovecast - American Sex Podcast Ep 44

Dan Savage of the Savage Lovecast and Savage Love advice column talks with Sunny & Ken about growing up gay while attending an all-boys Catholic seminary school (and the extreme measures he took to get expelled), the impact the It Gets Better…
ojoy lily silicone vibrator giveaway

Ojoy Lily Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys each and every month on American Sex podcast. During the month of June Ken & I are giving away an Ojoy Lily silicone thrusting Rabbit vibrator valued at $99 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Entering…
STEM and Feminism American Sex Podcast

"STEM & Feminism with Erin Heaney & Dr. Greg Marks - Ep 43 American Sex Podcast

This week Ken & Sunny interview a pair of high school teachers. Erin Heaney and Dr. Greg Marks are dedicated to making sure women and girls have equal access and representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Why is…
Midori Dominance Role Play American Sex Podcast

Midori: Erotic Roleplay & Finding Your Dominance - American Sex Podcast Ep 42

Our conversation with Midori will blow your mind! She’s changed countless sex lives for the better worldwide and might just change yours during this episode. Learn how to easily tap into your erotic creativity for roleplay and comfortably…
Miss Maya Sinstress American Sex Podcast

Dominatrix Miss Maya Sinstress - American Sex Podcast Ep 41

Pro-Domme, Miss Maya Sinstress gives us a peek into her deviously wicked mind. Known for extreme degradation and her boundary-pushing videos, Maya shares tales of sadistic fun with viagra & lidocaine, embarrassing public humiliation scenes,…
Shannon Boodram Podcast American Sex

Shannon Boodram: Open Relationships, Make Up or Break Up & Internet Harassment - Ep 40

Queen of dating & relationships, Shannon Boodram, drops knowledge gleaned from her TV show, Make Up Or Break Up. Learn what common pitfalls and strengths determine the longevity of your relationships. Shan also tells us how putting her private…
American Sex Podcast Smashing Dishes & Unusual Fetishes

Smashing Dishes & Other Unusual Fetishes - Ep. 39 American Sex Podcast

Would you like be a fly on a wall peeking in on what seemingly average people do behind closed doors? This week you get to do just that! Our guest, Big Rubber Dragon, reveals his very unusual fetishes: smashing plates, dressing in a rubber…

Domi by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

We give away sex toys every month on American Sex podcast. For our first May 2018 giveaway (Yep, there's two again this month. The other will be hosted on Instagram and it starts on Monday, 5/7/18.) Ken & I are giving away a Lovense…
Urethral sounding with John C Luna

Urethral Sounding with John C. Luna - Ep 38 American Sex Podcast

Urethral sounding-- what is it? Why do people do it? How do people do it? Is it safe? Does it hurt? Why does it scare the bejeezus out of me? Why does it also sound hot AF? And what exactly do urethras even sound like anyway? No matter what…
Sex Toy Episode Katy Zvolerin Interview

The Sex Toy Episode! + A Chat w/ Katy Zvolerin - Ep 37 American Sex Podcast

Episode 37 of American Sex Podcast is our big, girthy sex toy episode! Listeners tell us the hilarious household objects they’ve used to get off, we reveal some of our most laughable sex toy fails, plus we clear up some sex toy myths. Find…
Kitty Stryker American Sex Podcast Interview

Kitty Stryker: SESTA/FOSTA, Consent & Juggalos - Ep 36 American Sex Podcast

Kitty Stryker put the phrase “Consent Culture” on the map. Much of this week’s episode is devoted to SESTA/FOSTA and Kitty tells us why these bills are damaging to not only consensual sex workers but all of our personal and sexual freedoms.…
Kara Cooney Egyptologist American Sex Podcast Interview

Kara Cooney, Egyptologist: From the Bedroom to the White House, Lessons from Our Past - Ep 35

Kara Cooney is an Egyptologist whose work can be seen on the Discovery Channel and in museums around the world.  What the heck does that have to do with the sexual climate here in the US? A LOT. History repeats itself, right? Political structure…
Womanizer Sona Satisfyer giveaway

Womanizer, Satisfyer, Sona Giveaway Sponsored by

I am so excited!!! sent me the latest versions of some of the hottest pleasure products on the market-- The Womanizer Pro40,  Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, and Lelo Sona to compare and contrast on your behalf. On Tuesday,…
Jimmyjane Love Pods HALO

Jimmyjane Love Pods Halo Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For one of our April 2018 giveaways (yes, there's two this month! will be live the evening of 4/3 and run all month),…
Joan Price American Sex Podcast

Joan Price: Sex & Aging - Ep 34 American Sex Podcast

Joan Price specializes in sex and aging. You don’t have to be a senior to enjoy this episode--Joan’s information is not only priceless, it’s timeless too. Joan tells us how to write an effective online dating profile and take the perfect…
Alice Little Bunny Ranch Podcast

Alice Little - Top Earning Sex Worker & Favorite at The Bunny Ranch - Ep 33 American Sex Podcast

Alice Little lets us be a fly on the wall behind closed doors at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch.  She was named the #1 Companion of the Year and tells us about her work with adult virgins, couples eager to explore, BDSM, misconceptions…
Sex Talk With My Mom Podcast

Sex Talk with My Mom: Cam & KarenLee Poter - American Sex Podcast Ep 31

Cam & KarenLee Poter are the dynamic mother/son duo from the hit Sex Talk With My Mom podcast. Esquire named it the #3 sex podcast of 2017. They share how their sex-positive, educational, hilarious partnership originated from tragedy. We…
Susanna Brisk How to Get Laid Using Your Intuition Podcast

Susanna Brisk: How to Get Laid Using Your Intuition - American Sex Podcast Ep 31

Gut feelings, hunches, intuition-- we all have it. But how can we harness these skills & use them reliably? How can they help us get what (& who) we want in bed? Can it be done ethically & consensually? Susanna Brisk, Sexual Intuitive®, answers…
osci sex toy giveaway

Osci by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For the March 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away an Osci by Lovense smartphone app-controlled g-spot stimulator valued at $199 provided by our…
Kevin Patterson Loves Not Color Blind Podcast

Kevin Patterson: Love's Not Color Blind - American Sex Podcast Ep 30

Kevin Patterson talks about his new book Love's Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities. We delve into how to figure out what you don’t know, being more inclusive in your community, balancing…
Barak and Sheba Podcast Adventures in Sexuality

Barak & Sheba: Adventures in Sexuality - Ep 29 American Sex Podcast

Barak and Sheba tell Sunny & Ken how exploring sacred sexuality lead to them opening up a thriving sex-positive community center. They share some of the transformative moments they’ve witnessed in the community they built, tell us everything…
Joanna Angel Night Shift Burning Angel Podcast

Joanna Angel: Night Shift, Burning Angel & Staying Punk AF - American Sex Podcast Ep 28

Joanna Angel talks with Sunny & Ken about her first book--a choose your own adventure style erotica novel Called Night Shift: A Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy, the universal need for raunchy dirty stranger sex, the Burning Angel origin (hilarious…
Ruby Bouie Johnson Podcast American Sex

Ruby Johnson: Polyamory, Serial Killers & Forensic Social Work - Ep 27

We had a ton of laughs and learned a lot talking with Sex Therapist Ruby B. Johnson about non-hierarchical polyamory, eroticised racism, BDSM & unusual roleplays, sex therapy vs. relationship therapy, her event Poly Dallas Millennium, her…
AMBI Sunny Megatron

Ambi by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

Hi, friends! Giveaways are just one of our ways of thanking you for your continued support of American Sex podcast! For the February 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away an Ambi by Lovense smartphone app-controlled vibrating bullet…
Anne Hodder Podcast interview

Anne Hodder: Owning Your Sh*t - Ep 26 American Sex Podcast

Sex educator & pleasure industry wonder woman, Anne Hodder, shares stories of her sex journalism days including the ongoing Village Voice, coast to coast, “girl-fight” she helped craft under the pseudonym Barbie Davenport. We discuss…
Cyndi Darnell #MeToo Aziz Ansari Podcast

Cyndi Darnell: #MeToo, Aziz Ansari & Sex Ed - Ep 25

Sexologist Cyndi Darnell dives in deep discussing #MeToo, the Aziz Ansari story, and how it relates to all of us. We know that #TimesUp and things have to change but how do we go about that? What steps do we take? What’s our personal responsibility?…
The Black Pomegranate Podcast

"I'm Kinky! Now What?" with The Black Pomegranate - Ep 24

“I think I’m kinky! Now what?” Ken & Sunny discuss 4 things you need to know before exploring the BDSM scene. They talk with Mr. BLK & Ms. Pomegranate of the award-winning BDSM blog, They tell us how they…
Dixie De La Tour Bawdy Storytelling Podcast

Dixie De La Tour of Bawdy Storytelling - American Sex Podcast Ep 23

Sexual folklorist and host of the acclaimed Bawdy Storytelling podcast and stage show, Dixie De La Tour, talks about: the pivotal moment in her life that made storytelling her passion, the moving stories behind the stories she curates for Bawdy,…
Asa Akira American Sex Podcast

The Insatiable Asa Akira - Ep 22 American Sex Podcast

Asa Akira is one of the world's most popular porn stars. She tells us about her new book Asarotica, her award-winning butthole, the prospect of parenthood, the realities of reality TV, being a woman of color in porn, & how accidental double…
Sunny Megatron 24k Vibrating necklace crave vesper
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Crave Vesper 14k Gold Necklace Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

  Thanks for being such awesome supporters of American Sex podcast! Giveaways are just one of our ways of thanking you for your continued support. For the January giveaway, Ken & I are giving away a 24k gold Crave Vesper necklace…
Snow Mercy Mistress Podcast

Dominatrix Snow Mercy: Spanking, Science & The Dirty Banana - Ep 21

Dominatrix Snow Mercy gives us treats for Christmas! She tells us how a PhD in Biochemistry lead her to the dungeon, the joys of clown play, why being dominant helped her combat sexism in the science world, how to use BDSM to as a motivator…
Wendy Williams Interview Podcast

Wendy Williams: Aging, Porn & Transgender Identities - Ep 20

Transgender porn sensation, Wendy Williams, opens up about past & present depression, challenges of aging in the porn industry, how her transition came as a surprise, breaking the mold at every step of her career, and cyberbullying in porn.…
Tyomi Morgan Podcast American Sex

Glamazon Tyomi Morgan: Celibacy, Age Play & Finding Love - Ep19

This week Ken & Sunny get cozy with Glamazon Tyomi Morgan. In just a few short years she’s taken the world by storm. Her following is massive and with good reason. We talk about how Titty Tuesday is changing the world, how Tyomi’s year…

Lelo SONA Giveaway from Castle Megastore & American Sex Podcast

We love that you love American Sex podcast! Giveaways are just one of our ways of thanking you for your continued support.  For the December giveaway, Ken & I are giving away a Lelo SONA provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. We recently…
Ashley Manta Cannasexual Podcast

Ashley Manta, CannaSexual: Enhancing Your Sex Life with Cannabis - Ep18

CannaSexual, Ashley Manta, tells us everything we need to know to enhance our sex lives with cannabis: the best strains & dosages for sex, topicals like Foria & other weed lubes, making DIY products at home, how weed affects sexual consent,…
allison moon girl sex 101 podcast

Allison Moon of Girl Sex 101 - Ep 17 American Sex Podcast

Allison Moon, author of Girl Sex 101, Bad Dyke, & the Tales of the Pack series teaches us: how to fist, satisfying cunnilingus tips, mindblowing and useful info about the clitoris & other pussy pleasing techniques. This is the sex ed…

Princess Kali: From the Dungeon to the Boardroom - Ep 16

Princess Kali is a former Pro Domme & current headmistress of the online sex ed platform, Kink Academy. Recently she’s taken everything she’s learned from years of being a dominatrix out of the dungeon & into the boardroom. She now…
Dawn Serra from Sex Gets Real Podcast, Sex Coach, Explore More Summit

Dawn Serra: Getting Real About Sex, Bodies & More - Ep 15

Sex coach and host of the Sex Gets Real Podcast, Dawn Serra talks with Ken & Sunny about life as a sex coach -- What does a coach do? What are the challenges? What are the most outrageous things she's approached with? We touch on the ethics…
Samwell What What In The Butt Podcast American Sex

Samwell "What What in the Butt" + Anal Sex Tips with Sunny & Ken - Ep 14

Samwell of "What What in the Butt" fame talks about that time he helped Sunny & Ken get married, how his lighthearted song became a viral sensation, the seriousness & underlying message behind it, growing up black & gay in the south,…
glass g-spot dildo giveaway

Harness Glass Double Treat Dildo Giveaway From Castle Megastore & American Sex Podcast

Thank you for supporting American Sex podcast!  It's time once again to launch our monthly giveaway. In October, we gave away a Wonder O Wand Body Massager. This month Ken & I are giving away a Harness Glass Double Treat Glass…
Grapefruiting Auntie Angel Podcast

Interview with Grapefruit Lady, Auntie Angel - American Sex Podcast Ep 13

This week on American Sex Podcast, Blowjob Empress, Auntie Angel! We discuss: Why she makes those unforgettable fellatio noises, Girls Trip movie & Tiffany Haddish claiming Angel stole the grapefruit technique from her, what it feels like…
Joycelyn Elders Podcast American Sex

Dr. Joycelyn Elders Interview: Former Surgeon General & Sexual Health Revolutionary - Ep 12

Dr. Joycelyn Elders was the 2nd woman and 1st African American Surgeon General of the United States. She’s also a sexual health revolutionary. In 1994 President Bill Clinton forced Elders to resign after she advised masturbation be recommended…
Mollena Williams Podcast American Sex
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Mollena Williams-Haas: Sobriety, Submission & Imaginary Hyenas - Ep 11 American Sex Podcast

Mollena discusses her contractual Master/slave relationship with famous modern composer husband Georg Friedrich Haas, the unlikely way they met, and how his upbringing in post-Nazi Austria influenced his later work that highlights racism &…
Kate Loree Podcast American Sex

Kate Loree: Unicorn of Relationship & Marriage Therapy - Ep 10 American Sex Podcast

Sex positive mental health professionals are hard to find. Enter marriage & family therapist, Kate Loree. In this episode she covers: how to deal with family you have opposing political views with, finding a kink-friendly therapist, what…
Davecat Podcast Interview American Sex

My Wife is a Real Doll. Literally! Interview with Davecat - Ep 9

Davecat’s wife, Sidore, is a doll-- meaning, she’s not just a sweetie, she’s actually synthetic! Happily coupled for 17 years, they also live with their mistress Elena and her partner Miss Winter. Davecat considers himself an iDollator…
Wonder O Wand Sex Toy Giveaway

Wonder O Wand Sex Toy Giveaway from Castle Megastore & American Sex Podcast

Thank you for being such loyal listeners of the American Sex podcast!  As a thank you, we've decided to run a listener giveaway every month. In Septemeber, we gave away a Fun Factory luxury sex toy. Everyone that left us an iTunes review…
Cooper Beckett Swinging Politics

Cooper S. Beckett: The Politics of Swinging - Ep 8

Cooper S. Beckett sat down with us to talk all things swinging. What’s the difference between swinging and polyamory? Why don’t the sexual subcommunities always play nicely together? What’s the deal with bisexuality in the swing lifestyle?…
Lenora Claire American Sex Podcast

Lenora Claire: Golden Girls, Stalking & Ivanka Trump - Ep 7

Lenora Claire has spent years living in terror. Her stalker contacts her every single day, violating the restraining order she has in place, often with violent threats. He made a name for himself stalking the first daughter, Ivanka Trump. Despite…
Dirty Lola Podcast American Sex ErikaKapinPhotography
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Dirty Lola: Why Your Dick Should Care About Social Justice - American Sex Ep 6

To some, the term “social justice” is a dirty word. But to others, it means “basic human decency” and should be everyone’s default setting. When it comes to dating, relationships, sex, or navigating sexual sub-communities it’s important.…
Mark Shrayber gay marriage Kim Davis and Me American Sex Podcast

Gay Marriage, Kim Davis & Me: Mark Shrayber - American Sex Ep. 5

Ken and I enjoyed this conversation so much!  We think you're going to also! In 2015 Mark Shrayber & his fiance Allen traveled to Morehead, Kentucky to get married. This is the same town where county clerk Kim Davis refused to issue…
Fun Factory Giveaway
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American Sex Podcast Fun Factory Darling Devil Giveaway

  I'm giving away a brand new Fun Factory Darling Devil silicone vibrator and Hybrid Battery Kit valued at $110 to promote our new podcast, American Sex! There’s no purchase necessary to enter. All you have to do is subscribe and/or…
Dick Wound podcast jpg

Death Fetish & Robot Sex w/Dick Wound - Episode 4

Ken & I are soooooo excited about this episode! It's GOOOOOOOD! We had a really enjoyable chat with a new friend named Dick Wound from the Off the Cuffs BDSM Podcast. You're going to really dig this one! Also, I just have to brag for…
Casey Calvert & Bryn Pryor

Casey Calvert & Bryn Pryor: Porn, Love, Fetishes & Stamps - Episode 3

Although our release day is Tuesday, it's a special week. The eclipse is happening today and we're excited about our first interview on the American Sex Podcast! Those are good reasons to release early, right? Load this up on your way to work…
American Sex podcast Relationships and cockups

Relationships & Cock-ups: Episode 2 - American Sex

Hi, friends!  We couldn't keep you waiting-- episode 2 is here!  You can expect new episodes each Tuesday moving forward. At this point, American Sex is on most major podcast platforms so do be sure to look for it on your favorite player…
American Sex Podcast Sunny Megatron Ken Melvoin Berg

The American Sex Podcast Has Launched!

Oh, you lucky duckies! We launched this podcast with almost no fanfare, didn’t we? One day the American Sex podcast didn’t exist and the next day it’s like someone quietly slipped it under your pillow. Like a surprise gift  . . . from…