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BDSM Without Sex?

When we hear words like fetish, kink, BDSM or S&M we immediately think sex. BDSM is an acronym many in the mainstream consider synonymous with S&M. Technically it stands for bondage & discipline (BD), dominance & submission (DS) and sadism & masochism (SM). In other words-- whatever it is you like that’s kinky, whether on the giving or receiving end, is included in the all encompassing label of BDSM.
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50 Shades of Grey Gift Set Giveaway!

I’m giving away a 50 Shades of Grey gift package! Are you dying to read the book that has everyone talking?  It seems everyone has an opinion about it— now you can judge for yourself! This gift package is valued at over $65 and…
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The Journey of Self Love - My Masturbation Story

May is International Masturbation Month!  This article was written by Sunny Megatron for and originally appearing in Lidia-Anain's Sex Love Joy.  During the entire month of May 2012, Sex Love Joy will feature a collection of masturbation…
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Detroit’s Local 4 News Filming of BDSM Club Irresponsible Journalism

I just learned Detroit's Local 4 News planted someone at a local BDSM Dungeon party and will broadcast images of the guests captured on a hidden camera on tonight's 11pm news.  The angle of the story is something to the effect of "OMG! Are…

Talk about Birds, Bees and Disease with your Grandparents!

Our parents and grandparents didn’t grow up learning about condoms in their high school and college health classes.  After becoming single after loss of a spouse or divorce, many are hitting the dating pool for the first time in years.  Contrary…

Vote for Weird Chicago Tours - Best of 2012 + Film Shoot Update

As many of you know, I am a tour guide for Weird Chicago Tours.  I host every type of tour offered at Weird Chicago -- Serial Killer, Weird & Haunted, Devil & The White City, True Crime & Gangster, etc.   On this site I am…
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Nothing Like a Soccer Mom DP'ed on National TV!

  This Liquid Plumr Deep Impact TV ad is hilarious!  I am also thankful to see the portrayal of a seemingly realistic woman who not only digs sex but isn’t afraid to get her freak on.  Hurray for MFM threesomes with hot plumbers! Whew!…
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Ellen's 50 Shades of Grey + Bonus S&M Barbara Walters

  As if we need another reason to love Ellen.  Ellen Reads from 50 Shades of Grey: http://youtu.be/on3JCwnwHbU     Is it wrong that I can't get the image of Ellen topping Barbara Walters out of my head? And that…